The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week showcased an array of inniovative, attractive gadgets designed to demonstrate what’s coming down the digital pike for us. Among our favourites: The LG Touch wristwatch phone: The stylish watch phone features 3G compatibility, a 1.4 in LCD screen, bluetooth connectivity, texting capability, still and […]

While much media attention this week has been focused on Macworld Expo in San Francisco — perhaps because of the controversy over Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ health — the rest of the gadget world has been focused on Las Vegas, where the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2009) has been in full swing. Among the […]

This intriguing concept gives a whole new spin to the old admonition: You made your bed — Now, you have to lie in it! In this case, London (UK)-based industrtial designer Tom Ballhatchet has literally made that possible — for his hamster. Ballhatchet’s prototype hamster-powered paper shreadder mounts a shreading mill on top of a […]

Yanko Design offers what looks like a win-win-win situation: Good for your eyes, good for your portable devices and good for the environment. The only problem is, you can’t really use it at night. Yanko’s Solar Powered Solar Panel Sun Glasses not only protect your eyes but convert the sunlight they filter into electricity, which […]

Eye-Fi announced today that it has developed a way for users to wirelessly upload videos from their digital camera to YouTube and their home computer. Eye-Fi’s current product (review) automatically uploads digital photos to the user’s computer or compatible photo sharing sites.  According to the company, the point-and-shoot camera is now the most commonly used device for […]

Apple is celebrating Macworld week with the launch of iLife 09, the latest version of its Mac OS X geared suite of home and recreation applications and a new 17 in. Macbook built on the same unibody frame technology introduced last fall in the smaller Macbooks. The new Macbook Pro features a built-in batter that […]

It’s currently just a cool concept but — if the marketing record of designer Art. Lebedev Studio is any indication — the fully programmable Optimus Tactus touch keyboard will soon be coming to a Web store near you! The Tactus employs next-stage technology featuring a large, rectangular touch-sensitive surface which can be programmed to display […]

Well… If you thought you’d heard of everything when it comes to auto accessories, think again. Britain’s Maplin Electronics now offers an In-Car Microwave oven. The unit is fully portable, featuring a heavy-duty carry handle and a touchscreen LCD control panel. It’s powered by a standard 12-volt lighter/accessory socket cord and is claimed to be, […]

It’s too late to order for delivery in time for Christmas, now, but if someone in your house already has, or is lucky enough to find a Sony Playstation 3 under the tree tomorrow, there’s a new accessory that will ease the playability issues they may have with the PS3 controller. has released its […]

SanDisk has announced that its 16 GB microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (M2) mobile memory cards — the world’s largest-capacity removable storage cards currently available for mobile phones — are now available in Canada. Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores are the first major retail outlets in Canada to carry the 16 GB cards. […]

You’re probably familiar with iPod accessories such as fashion slipcases, custom skins and docking stations. But, now, there’s a new portable device that’s perfect for holiday party-goers. The iBreath from David Steele Industries turns any current-model iPod (except Nanos) or iPhone into a convenient pocket breathalizer. The device is totally self-sufficient, with its own mini […]

From: — Remember how amazing Chatty Cathy, Furbees and even music-playing greeting cards seemed when they fist appeared on the market? 2008 has apparently produced a bumper crop of toys and grown-up gadgets that could similarly be characterized as hot new techologies in low-tech packages. As CNN’s Cherise Fong reports, “This holiday season, it […]