Google is just full of new features and enhancements, these days! The latest is Multiple Inboxes display for GMail. As developer Vivi Costache explains in the Official GMail Blog: I’m seriously into filters and labels. All the email I get related to Flash goes under my ‘flash’ label, everything about paragliding goes under ‘flying’, and […]

Korean designer Jeon Hwan Ju earned a berth in the finals of the Core77 Greener Gadgets Design Contest with his RITI compact computer printer which uses recycled coffee grounds to make its own ink. The RIKI not only produces distinctive sepia-toned printouts but also adds the dimension of fragrance. Not all that enamoured with the […]

I hate carrying paper and I’d much prefer to scan and email documents rather than fax them. So, when I heard about Plustek’s new OpticSlim M12 Plus scanner, I was pumped. I own a flatbed scanner but placing one page at a time is such a pain that I often end up faxing documents to […]

Google Latitude is a new feature of Google Maps on your smart phone or other mobile device which lets you see where your friends are at any given moment. — Friends who have opted-in to Latitude and want you to know where they are, that is. As the Official Google Blog explains: Once you’ve opted […]

Security software giant Symantec has ‘reintroduced’ Norton Utilities, a product nameplate that pre-dates the Internet and virtually all of the products you are probably familiar with that bear the Norton name. When Microsoft (MS) Windows came into its own and started providing more and more of its own built-in system optimization and tweaking tools, third […]

Most cell makers let you secure your phone using a four-digit PIN number. That will keep your address book and other data safe and will keep others from running up minutes on your service plan if the phone is lost. But what if someone shoulder surfs you while you’re making a call and then steals […]

What do you get when you add aluminum iron oxide to regular latex housepaint? If you follow the recipe developed recently by researchers at the University of Tokyo, you get an effective barrier for radio signals that could effectively lock drive-by WiFi freeloaders out of your home or small office wireless network. According to the […]

Medical science has known, for a couple of decades, now, that passing a weak electric current through a broken arm can help the bones knit faster. Now, Vomaris Innovations of Chandler, AZ, is bringing to market an ‘electric bandaid’ designed to help skin wounds heal faster. The PROCELLERA wound dressing is composed of a single […]

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, Google — and legions of mobile mail users — are excited about a new feature being tested by GMail Labs: offline e-mail. Offline GMail doesn’t let you send or receive mail when you can’t get an Internet connection, of course. But it does let you work with downloaded mail […]

Microsoft yesterday quietly released what is being described as a release candidate version of Internet Explorer (IE) 8. This pre-release version is essentially the final form of IE8 but MS officials declined to reveal when the official launch will be. Among the highlights of IE8: The addition of private browsing, enhanced security and a new […]

At least, that’s the literal translation of the Japanese name of latest robo-pet in Sega’s growing mech-menagerie. Ideal for allergy sufferers. (Photo: AFP) As the AFP news service reports, “The robo-cat is equipped with touch sensors that let it engage in such real-life feline behavior as purring, moving its legs when you rub its belly, […]

Behold the Chrono-Shreader, a new approach to calendar design that objectifies the implacable passage of time and the undeniable facts that tomorrow has not yet happened and yesterday is gone forever… According to inventor Susanna Hertrich, “This innovative calendar literally demobnstrates the passage of time. The Chrono-Shredder is a device that reminds us of the […]