Most of us are familiar with the hard-sell Gillette commercials for its five-blade Fusion razor. They hired not one, not two but three sports stars to sell other men on the proposition that five blades are better than three, in open defiance of the notion they previously spend millions to promote, that three blades were […]

Apple today announced updates to its desktop computer family, including a whole new slate of iMacs with faster processors and twice the memory than their predecessors plus a new Mac Mini with powerful new integrated graphics. There’s also a new Mac Pro line featuring your choice of four- or eight-core system architecture. The new Mac […]

Here’s an old idea we wish some intrepid manufacturer would update and put back on the market. The concept behind the Anti-Pest Doorbell couldn’t be simpler: Make strangers who come to your door pay for the privilege of ringing the bell. As often happens, we stumbled on this undated archival clipping while searching for something […]

Apple launched the public beta version of version 4 of its Safari Web browser this week and independent lab tests just in show it’s the fastest thing out there at the moment. Venerable tech Web site ZDNet reports that Safari 4 is a ‘staggering’ 42 times faster rendering Javascript than Interent Explorer (IE) 7 and […]

Symantec has launched a public beta version of a new service designed to let parents keep an eye on their kids’ online activities even when the parents aren’t home. The NOF mascott: Also still in beta; not yet named. The company describes Norton Online Family (NOF) as, “…a new online safety service for your family […]

TrapCall, a new Web-based service, claims it can give you caller ID information for most blocked or restricted calls you receive on your cell phone. How they do it is their secret. And there’s more. With the information TrapCall generates about your formerly anonymous callers, you can also set up your phone to block them […]

The OWLink FO2800 series of connectivity devices uses innovative optical fibre technology to distribute high definition TV signals anywhere you choose at distances up to 1,000 ft / 300 m. FO2800 make[s] it easy to set up whole house video and audio distribution. By using an external A/V switch, one set of source devices can […]

The ‘heart’ bookmark created by is either the least-expensive legitimate Valentine’s gift ever invented — or the surest way ever devised to end a relationship on Valentine’s Day. Just hike on over to your nearest business supplies outlet and grab a package of coloured (pink or red) vinyl-covered jumbo ‘trombone’-style paper clips. Bend them […]

This cute retro-esque gadget may appeal more to folks who remember the Compact Cassette than to the ‘CD’ or ‘download’ generation… But love and music have been locked in a passionate embrace since music began and I like the romantic notion that true love and the music of your youth both just get better with […]

They should have just cut to the chase and called it the ‘Love Shirt’… The amazing Life Shirt has a built-in proximity detector which makes the row of glowing hearts across its breast light up more energetically the closer you are to your honey. Thing is, they only detect the proximity of each other, so […]

From the ‘because we can’ department, a new dimension in shower satisfaction… Shower technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades. We no longer have to worry about sudden scalds or freeze-ups when someone else in the house turns on a tap. And we can choose more designs and variations […]

From the highly-effective low tech department… Every man’s Valentines question: What do women really want? Our answer: A good night’s sleep! His … and … Hers Tune-in to almost any ‘lifestyle’ cable TV channel these days for the lowdown on the Breathe Right nasal strip, right from the inventor’s mouth. (He’s making his own commercials, […]