Search giant Google officially added a new Internet phone service to its stable of ‘cloud’ services last week. Google Voice distinguishes itself from other VoIP services in that it can aggregate voice and text messages from various phone numbers for remote access from a single location by phone or email. Long distance connections will be […]

Gmail has finally given its users the ultimate accessory: an Undo Send button. No, really! You can now ‘take back’ any e-mail message you send from Gmail simply by clicking the new Undo Send link which will appear in the familar yellow advice bar above your message whenever a message has been sent. The trick […]

Apple released the next version of the iPhone operating system to developers earlier this week. Among the new features phone makers can go to town on: System-wide search, using Apple’s Spotlight search technology. Copy-and-paste for text, photos and SMS, one of iPhone users’ most-wamted additions. Multimedia Messaging Services, allowing iPhone users to include images and […]

Microsoft (MS) this week officially launched the latest version of its iconic Web browser, Internet Explorer (IE) at its MIX 09 tech conference in Las Vegas. Among IE 8’s new features: A private browsing option, to eliminate traces of your surfing activity on your system, and a new feature that lets you cache ‘slices’ of […]

Did you know that, when batteries ‘go dead’ in your your favourite portable devices they’re not really, totally dead? They’re just too pooped to participate in that particular activity anymore. The truth is, there’s usually some power left in every ‘dead’ battery. So, how do we get the rest of the power out and put […]

Internet security giant McAfee Inc. today announced support of the recently-released Windows 7 public Beta, releasing compatible versions of its anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall technologies through a Beta version release of McAfee Total Protection for home users. You can find upgrade and installation instructions by visiting the McAfee Beta Web site. McAfee continues to test […]

The Flybar is, essentially, a souped-up pogo stick that lets the daredevil rider perform tricks heretofore possible only on a skate or snowboard under ideal conditions. The thing will reportedly jump over a compact car, providing enough ‘air time’ to perform flips, somersaults and other previously unthinkable stunts. Users have likened the experience to using […]

What could be more convenient than an AA battery that you could recharge anywhere, anytime? The USBCell, from British innovator Moxia Energy Ltd., is a direct replacement for a regular battery of that size in any application. The difference is, it has it’s own recharger built in. Just flip the green cap that forms the […]

The new iPod Shuffle, launched this week, is even smaller than its predecessor and holds even more songs, Apple says. A new VoiceOver feature lets the Shuffle speak your song titles, artists and playlist names to you. The third generation Shuffle is ‘significantly smaller’ than a standard AA battery, holds up to 1,000 songs and is […]

Researchers at Osaka University in Japan have successfully demonstrated a new hands-free headset which can not only deliver music but control a host of devices, literally with a wink of your eye. The Mimi Switch incorporates a set of tiny infrared sensors, connected to a microcomputer, which detect equally tiny movements inside the ear canal […]

Cloth diapers are nothing new. Neither are cloth table napkins and handkerchiefs. But how do you feel about reusable cloth toilet wipes?, of Des Moines, IA, has them. And lots of other reusable products that support a ‘natural lifestyle’. Reuable toilet wipes have myriad advantages over the conventional paper variety, as the Wallypop Web […]

Norton 360 3.0 for 2009 was officially launched late last week., featuring a host of updates and some notable new features. ‘The hallmark of the Norton 2009 product line’ officially requires ‘an average install of approximately one minute and uses less than 10 MB of memory’. The latest version includes all of the performance and […]