Many of us have a relationship with our computer that is best expressed by the Righteous Brothers’ song, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” When we first bought our shiny new system it was so much faster than our old computer and we loved it. But a year later, it boots slowly and performance is sluggish. […]

This morning Adobe formally announced Acrobat X.  While there are several interesting new features, two captured my attention: 1) PDF Portfolios allow multiple documents (including different formats) to be placed into a single file for distribution.  If you need to send a client several related documents this allows you to put them together into a […]

As a reviewer and technology enthusiast it’s always nice to see a good product get even better.  I reviewed the original SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger back in 2008 and was thrilled. It would have been perfect for my trip to Death Valley the previous year, on family camping trips, and anywhere else there might not […]

Choosing a camera is tough. Choosing a camera for someone else is even tougher. So with Christmas on the horizon, we’ll help you wade through the sea of cameras at your local retailer and narrow down the choices to a more manageable number. The key to choosing a camera is to consider it a tool. […]


A month or so ago I was working on a virtualization article for the print edition of  INFOExecutive (formerly Information Week Canada). The article dealt with barriers to virtualization, one of them being USB devices.  Or so I thought! My research took me to the web site of Minnesota-based Digi International. Digi originally developed their […]

Starfy’s been a hero in Japan for years and recently made his North American debut. In this game for the Nintendo DS series, players must guide Starfy though a variety of environments to the end of each stage by swimming, jumping, bouncing and defeating comical ‘enemies’. In addition to the numerous stages, it also includes […]

Technology moves so quickly that almost everyone has analog (tape) and digital video they want to save and enjoy. Even with today’s low-cost, high quality cameras and ubiquitous camphones, the results are usually less than great viewing quality: Unless you’re carrying a bank of photo lights around the video is usually a little on the […]

A new robotic pizza-making kiosk has drawn mixed reviews — ranging from ambilvalence to disdain — from traditional pizza makers and pizza lovers, alike. The Let’s Pizza machine actually creates a complete, fresh pizza, to order, from scratch, using advanced infrared baking and robotics technology, in less than three minutes. It’s proved very popular in […]

A researcher at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) has successfully built a prototype of a cell phone that can function as a mobile medical lab. Edit Cell phone lab scanner prototype, showing image of a test sample. Actually, it can image the microscopic particles and cells in body fluids and send the […]

Industry observers are watching closely as a new online game streaming service steps up to challenge the game console industry for supremacy in the gaming sector. OnLive, a start-up backed by WebTV founder Steve Perlman and former Eidos CEO Mike McGarvey, will digitally distribute first-run, ‘AAA’ games, from major developers including Electronic Arts, Take-Two, Ubisoft […]

MySpace has moved its outboard instant messaging client into users’ profiles, adding a new toolbar anchored to the bottom of the MySpace browser window. However, MySpace hastens to add that the new client can still pop out, into to a separate window, if desired. You can choose to IM with any MySpace user, specify that […] brings us word of a new technique, currently in devlopment, that could fix broken bones in minutes, rather than the weeks now required for most fractures. UK medical research firm RegenTec has come up with a new two-part ceramic-based substance they call Injectable Bone which can be injected into bone breaks filling any voids […]