The German federal cabinet earlier this week agreed to move forward with legislation that would require Internet service providers (ISPs) to block Web pages containing child pornography. The new law, which will likely be passed next month, will probably take another three to six months to implement as ISPs move to install and activate blocking […]

It might be seen as homage to master conman Frank Abagnale Jr., who went to work for the FBI helping to catch fraud artists after being convicted of passing bad cheques just about everywhere in the world the major airlines fly. An 18-year-old New Zealand hacker who allegedly caused (US)$20 million worth of damage around […]

Yesterday in this space, we recalled the height of the personal computer boom of the late 1990s, focusing on the fortunes of one of the iconic publications that chronicled that heady time. Today, we remember the decline and fall… *** Boom to bust Around the turn of the millennium, the computer retail industry started to […]

In the latest chapter of the controversy over redesign of Facebook’s home page, the company had responded to an avalanche of reader feedback with a list of proposed changes and improvements based on what the users wanted most. The ‘most-wanted’ list includes: Adding more control and relevance in the stream via live updating, photo tags […]

The Chinese government apparently blocked access to the popular YouTube video sharing site earlier this week, the Reuters news agency reports. YouTube availability was described as having been ‘spotty’ since early March. The Chinese government has been cracking down hard on foreign Web sites and domestic bloggers who, in its opinion, post ‘harmful’ information. Nevertheless, […]

Yesterday in this space, we started an in-depth look at the rise and fall of the personal computer era, by following the rise and fall of one of the publications that chronicled the period. Today, we remember the ‘glory’ years… *** Riding the wave 1994 was the year that the personal computer boom really started. […]

Virgin Mobile, which targets young, hip cell users, has launched a major new Canadian initiative to both gauge the mood of connected young Canadians and give them a place to air their frustration with the current economy. The Mood Meter is an easy-reference device, like the forest fire alert at the entrance to camping areas, […]

Not with a bang… The April issue of MONiTOR magazine, a regional computer and Internet monthly serving Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, Canada, will be its last. Proprietor Performance Printing Ltd. announced yesterday it was pulling the plug following several quarters of declining advertising revenues. It was a sad end to the epic story of […]

The New Zealand government earlier this week withdrew a bill before Parliament there which would have forced Internet service providers (ISPs) to disconnect customers accused of illegally downloading copyrighted music or movies. One aspect of the bill that civil rights advocates had real trouble with was the part about banning ‘alleged’ offenders, whether the allegations […]

If you haven’t already heard of IMDb, the Intnernet Movie Database, it’s the Google of movie info search and the last of several movie info database sites left standing following a shakeout in that sector in the late 1990s and early 00s. IMDb has more than 1.3 million movie titles indexed along with all the […]

According to new survey of 2,005 Americans conducted by Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) for the U.S. New Millennium Research Council (NMRC), as many as 60 million U.S. cell phone users — almost 40 per cent — are prepared to cut back on their wireless service plans to save money. Significantly, 26 per cent of cell […]

A new bill being prepared for introduction in the U.S. Senate would take responsibility for U.S. cyber security away from the Department of Homeland Security and place it directly under the control of U.S. President Barach Obama through a newly-appointed National Security Advisor. According to a summary of the proposed bill leaked last week, the […]