They’re little software app(lications), or programs, that add-onto your smartphone to make things you want to do on your phone easier. In some cases, they literally make things possible on your phone that weren’t before. Apple is a leader, at the moment, in the phone app market. It’s iPhone apps store lists more than 10,000 […]

They’re big names in the tech world. You’ll probably recognise at least some of them, even if you aren’t involved in the high tech or financial sectors. Others you’ll know, literally, by the companies they keep… Rachel King of the Silicon Valley Insider, who keeps track of these things, has tabulated the Biggest Tech Losers […]

SanDisk has announced that its 16 GB microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (M2) mobile memory cards — the world’s largest-capacity removable storage cards currently available for mobile phones — are now available in Canada. Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores are the first major retail outlets in Canada to carry the 16 GB cards. […]

Apple has released a patch for the Mail e-mail client crash that’s been aggravating Mac OS X 10.5.6 users. The problem seems to be that some copies of Mail were not properly updated during installation of the 10.5.6 update and unexpectedly shut down. Ver. 10.5.6 users whose Mail version isn’t updated to 3.5 (930.3) will […]

In what appears to be the prelude to a massive identity theft scam, fake ‘Class of 2013’ groups have been opened at Facebook, luring students at a long list of U.S. universities to sign up. The administrators of those groups could potentially gather a lot of personal information on class members. Brad Ward, an admissions […]

In what at first seems like a replay of complaints in North America and Europe against Google’s controversial Street Views mapping service, a Japanese civil rights group is demanding that Google to stop the program in that country. Street Views currently allows Google Earth users to take a virtual drive down any street in any […]

TLP News Nugget: From: The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association — “In the third quarter of the year, Canadians sent more than 5.2 billion person-to-person text messages, bringing the total number of text messages in the first nine months of the year to more than 14.1 billion. Canadians are now sending approximately 64 million text messages […]

From: Science Daily — Alternatives to the common incandescent light bulb are all the rage these days. Some folks are paying several times more per bulb than incandescents to use them but many still are not — in spite of the fact that experts insist the more-efficient, longer-lasting alternative bulbs offer an overall saving when […]

Technically, it’s not really “in the World”. It’s the new human waste elimination appliance aboard the International Space Station. It’s a technical marvel and, with a price tag of (US)$19 million, it should be operating flawlessly. And it would be, if the crew would use it. It’s a classic case of high-tech aspirations falling prey […]

Voicemail users, beware! A Winnipeg, Canada, computer repair shop may be stuck with a (C)$52,359.59 long distance phone bill run up by a hacker who made hundreds of calls to Bulgaria between November 21 and December 9, 2008 on the company line. Shop proprietor Alan Davidson says his average monthly Manitoba Telecom System (MTS) long […]

Once the king of pop-shot photography and, for decades, a mainstay of professional photographers who used instant prints to check their studio lighting set-ups, Polaroid Corp. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The Minnesota-based company is seeking protection from creditors while it restructures. As Polaroid CEO Mary L. Jeffries told CNN, “Our operations are […]

From: Yahoo! Tech — A new study of spam ‘demographics’ reveals that the amount of personalized spam is increasing alarmingly. Moreover, these new spam and phishing messages are targeted to specific recipients, according to their interests and previous buying habits. It’s the difference between snail mail addressed to ‘Occupant’ and unsolicited pitches that come addressed […]