Facebook moved quickly over the past few days to quell a potential uprising among its millions of users, following a post by one alarmed user who actually read the Terms of Use document all Facebook users must agree to before their Facebook accounts are opened. The uproar erupted over the user’s interpretation of the Facebook […]

A new type of  ‘nano ink’, embedded under the skin, could act as a blood glucose ‘early warning system’ for diabetics. More importantly for patients, it could also mean an end to painful, invasive blood testing by the traditional method, using lancets to draw blood samples which are subsequently analysed by a portable electronic meter. […]

A new ‘super microscope’ with a light ‘as bright as a million-watt bulb’ could detect Parkinson’s Disease and other afflictions earlier than they can be diagnosed now, spotting telltale changes in brain cells before the diseases involved can destroy them. “Early diagnosis is key because we know that, by the time a typical individual presents […]

Dateline: Las Vegas… Well, where else would you expect a story like this to surface first? The Nevada Gaming Control Board has circulated a memo to casino operators across the state about a new wrinkle on an old method players can use to increase their chances of winning — a method which is, technically, legal. […]

The practice is colloquially referred to as ‘jailbreaking’. But, in spite of the criminal connotations of the term. It actually refers to unlocking an iPhone so it can be used on networks other than that of Apple’s official service provider. In an submission to the U.S. Library of Congress (LoC), in opposition to an proposal  […]

That’s now a reality, in remote controls for most household consumer electronics gadgets, at least. Green Peak Technologies of Utrecht, the Netherlands, has released a new design that not only eliminates the need for a clear line of sight from remote to TV but eliminates the need for batteries in the remote. Green Peak’s ultra-low […]

The Canadian agency that regulates conventional (radio and television) broadcasting and the cable communications industry there opens hearings tomorrow to revisit its current policy of regulation of ‘new media’ broadcasting. That’s loosely defined as any activity identified as ‘broadcasting’ on the Internet and digital media (cell phone) networks. The Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission […]

TLP’s resident Mommyblogger, Danielle Donders (Digital, Baby!), has been named as a finalist in a contest that will determine the Grand Prize finalists for this year’s prestigeous BlogHer 2009 Award, for excellence in her flagship blog, Postcards From The Mothership. And she’s suitably excited: For those of you who don’t know, it’s kind of like […]

A group of University of Calgary researchers is looking into the ethics of photo manipulation in advertising. In their recent paper, titled ‘Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Photoshop’, they ask whether the advertising world today, in which virtually no image goes untouched by Adobe Photoshop image editing software, is misrepresenting products and their […]

Apple has released a massive security update containing no fewer than 24 patches designed to fill a variety of holes in OS X. According to the official Apple security advisory, a majority of the issues addressed, if left unpatched, “…may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution.” Apple recommends that all affected […]

‘Wanted — Alive: The guy(s) behind the Conflicker worm.’ Microsoft (MS) has made a rare move, publicly offering a bounty of (US$250,000 for information leading to the apprehension of those responsible for the Conflicker worm, which has infected an estimated 12 million computers worldwide since it started circulating last October. Unlike some viruses and other […]

The February, 2009, monthly spam report from security giant McAfee spotlights several new and re-emerging trends. One new and insidious scam, designed to get you to download a trojan bug from a rogue Web site, involves an email notice asking you to confirm that you purchased a paperless airline ticket. McAfee warns: This scam’s delivery […]