iolo technologies announced today that it has been awarded a new patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its ActiveCare® technology. ActiveCare, a unique system and method for proactively monitoring computer performance and automatically repairing and optimizing system configurations during idle periods, is one of the many industry-first innovations for the company […]

Many of us have a relationship with our computer that is best expressed by the Righteous Brothers’ song, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” When we first bought our shiny new system it was so much faster than our old computer and we loved it. But a year later, it boots slowly and performance is sluggish. […]

A New Look

We’re in the process of upgrading to a brand new look — please excuse the dust, and let us know what you think!

This morning Adobe formally announced Acrobat X.  While there are several interesting new features, two captured my attention: 1) PDF Portfolios allow multiple documents (including different formats) to be placed into a single file for distribution.  If you need to send a client several related documents this allows you to put them together into a […]

The fine folks at IRES Technology Corp have been kind enough to supply a uCorder model IRDC250 wearable video recorder with 2 GB of internal flash memory and PC webcam functionality for a lucky reader.  This baby will record up to 2 hours of 640×480 AVI format video on a single charge. The contest is […]

  (The Berlin Wall, December 1985.  Photo by Eric Jacksch) Twenty years ago today the Berlin Wall fell, uniting East and West Germany. Celebrations today include fireworks, concerts, and the toppling of foam dominoes painted by school children. Spiegel Online International has a great collection of historic images and coverage of the 20th anniversary celebration.  […]

…and we’ll put your bonus on hold. According to an article in yesterday’s Ottawa Citizen.  Apparently the Royal Canadian Mint is a tad short on gold. 17,500 troy ounces to be exact.  And they can’t figure out where it went. The Government’s response?  Put executive bonuses on hold. Perhaps I missed something, but last time I looked, $15.3 […]

On any given day you will find a group of engineers or programmers huddling in the back room, sitting in the corner of the coffee shop, or gathering around the most recently divorced individual’s kitchen table to plan the next major new company built on breathtaking technology. The hard fact is that we really don’t […]

It pains me to write this. A widow and her 16 year old daughter, through circumstance and events beyond their control, will be homeless tomorrow. Tonight Elizabeth Hughes and her sixteen-year-old daughter Katy are packing. They have to be out of their Santa Clara, California apartment tomorrow. They have nowhere to go. They have nowhere […]

The TECHLife Post is closed today in observance of the statutory holiday.  We’ll resume our regular publishing schedule on Monday. Have a great long weekend!

Google, in partnership with some of the world’s major music labels, has launched a new free music download service in China. The advertising-supported service is designed to lure Chinese music lovers away from the pirate music download culture that currently rules that market. The deal makes available almost the entire catalogues of both western and […]

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New horizons…

It is with some regret and — I’ll admit it — some relief, that I announce my immediate departure from TECHLife Post. I was there last October, when TLP started, and have seen the publication through some interesting times. But the publisher and I have diverged, in our views, on some important issues and it’s […]