Happy New Year, and welcome to 2011!  We’re in the process of making some significant changes at TLP, and we’d like to here from you!  Drop us a line, say hello, and let us know how we can make TLP more relevant to you.

Whether you’re going on a vacation to somewhere hot and sunny, or staying around town to visit local attractions, you’ll want to remember every moment of the fun. Why not grab your favourite digital SLR camera to document your spring break with the utmost flair? Switch to Manual mode and get creative with your shots. […]

Happy new year and best wishes to you and yours for a happy, health and prosperous 2010!

Nikon, Digidesign and Garmin have several things in common.  They all produce products that I’ve personally shelled out cash for.  They all produce high quality hardware that is as good, or better, than their direct competitors.  But yet I’m reluctant to purchase product from them again because, to be blunt, their software sucks. My primary […]

We’re in the process of recovering from a major system failure earlier this week.  Thanks for your patience and support.

TLP staff have all abandoned their homes and offices in celebration of the last summer long weekend of 2009. Have a good one!

The events Monday night in Toronto have the media and net buzzing.  (If you haven’t read about it yet, this Toronto Star article will get you started). While facts, opinions, observations, and premature conclusions dribble out in response to seemingly insatiable public curiosity, there is a question few are asking: What would you do? Incidents like this are […]

This weekend you can follow TLP contributor Sarah Stanley live on her 100 mile race — and you don’t even have to leave your favourite chair — although we encourage you to follow her example and get at least some exercise! Sarah will be running the Lean Hours Ultra in Hot Springs, South Dakota on Saturday August 22 […]

With our first birthday on the horizon, writers and editors of the TECHLife Post are contemplating where we should steer TLP as we enter our second year.  And we’d like to hear from you, our readers. Please drop us a line — editor@techlifepost.com — and let us know what you like, what you don’t like, […]

TECHLife Post staff are off today enjoying the holiday with their families.  We’ll be back tomorrow!

TECHLife Post is closed Friday and Monday as our staff enjoy an extended long weekend.  Happy Victoria Day and see you on Tuesday!

Google AdSense recently launched the ‘next thing’ in interactive online advertising. And it’s creating quite a stir, both among Web publishers and their visitors. Not content to serve up ads keyed to the content on a given Web page, Google has hatched a scheme to spy on surfers who visit any and all Google AdSense-enabled […]