Johnson & Johnson’s response to the Tylenol tampering case more than two decades ago set the standard for crisis response and taught companies to take swift action, running to the light, rather than from it. Following the Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco accounting scandals, Sarbanes-Oxley legislated transparency. And this week, with the Domino’s viral video, we […]

I few weeks ago I ‘met’ Sarah Stanley (@sarahstanley) on Twitter. She was talking about her upcoming 50 mile run. At first I thought it was a typo, but as it turned out she indeed planned to run 50 miles.  With her BlackBerry, and tweeting along the way.   I don’t think I could run […]

Social media gives people the ability to connect with other people and businesses throughout the world with technology that allows us to interact and share ideas. Social media’s operating word is the word “social.”  We live in a world where businesses are being forced to be more transparent and interact with their customers. This phenomenon […]

The explosive growth of social media is changing how companies interact with customers.  Those that understand social media know that what is being said about them online can have a huge impact on their bottom line. There are a number of ways to monitor a brand online. Some free services will monitor search engines for […]

I remember watching the web go mainstream back in the mid 90’s.  Web servers and the Internet had existed for a few years, but URLs began appearing on billboards and product packaging literally overnight as a critical mass was reached. Today we’re approaching another critical mass.  Blogs and social networking sites have been around for […]