Businesses, transit users and those of us who drive to work all suffered during Ottawa’s transit strike.  However, we can learn valuable lessons about business continuity planning that are equally applicable to an influenza pandemic, severe storm or even a terrorist attack. There is a segment of our population who simply must get to work: […]

What would you think if you searched the Internet after the Canadian federal budget is presented tomorrow and every article you could find about it was positive? How would you feel if you attempted to visit the blog of an outspoken critic and the site was suddenly gone? More than 2000 years ago the ancient […]

The Messaging and Mobile Media division of VeriSign is estimating  a record 1.4 billion mobile messages will be sent on Inauguration Day. But President Barack Obama probably won’t be sending or receiving any of them. At least, not on Inauguration Day. Obama and his Blackberry on the campaign trail. There has been an onslaught of […]

I have a confession to make:  When people mention Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and other social networking sites, my thoughts often turn to security and privacy.  I also have some concerns about social media in general, including blogs, whether for business or personal use.  And I just can’t avoid thinking about how many really ugly pages […]

Most of us have come to rely upon the information on our hard drives.  Email, calendars, contacts, family photos, financial information, our music collections, and so much more.  So as we begin another new year, let’s take a moment to consider if our information is adequately protected. Here’s a simple test for home and small […]

So… You’re an aspiring killer Web app developer or you’re thinking of moving some systems to the cloud? Here are some of the security issues you need to consider. Application Security To begin, you need to build security into your application just like you would if you were running it on your own hardware. Many […]

Last week I introduced the concept of cloud computing. To recap, the concept is that one can simply buy computing and storage resources as needed rather than investing in hardware and Internet connectivity. While a few companies have been talking about cloud computing, Amazon is doing it and selling it to anyone with a credit […]

About a decade ago, if you wanted to put your application on the Internet, you started by buying a server. Then, you had two choices: Bring enough bandwidth to your office or put your server in someone else’s facility. Given the cost of Internet connectivity at the time, it was usually less expensive to rent […]

If you’ve ever decided to loose weight, you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to an endless stream of products, most of which make it sound very easy. Take this pill or drink this tea and those extra pounds will simply disappear. While deep down we know that achieving weight loss requires a process in which we consume […]

Having your laptop stolen can ruin your whole week. Hopefully, by now, you’re backing it up regularly and you know that there’s software available that can dramatically improve the odds of getting your computer back. But perhaps the creepiest aspect of having your laptop stolen is that someone might be going through the information you […]

Last week, I wrote about the importance of backups in preventing data disasters but that’s only one of the things I worry about. Even if you can recover your data from a recent backup, a few questions remain: Who has your data, what can you do about it, and can you get your computer back? […]

Imagine you’re at work and the phone rings. It’s your alarm company, your home has been burglarized. You arrive home and, among other possessions, your computer is gone. To make matters worse, so are your accounting files, several years worth of email, and every digital photo you have of your kids. If you’re lucky, your […]