Twitter took blogging to microblogging.  Now sites like and are introducing us to the concept of microvideo. The New York Times ran a great introductory article yesterday. What do you think? Will Microvideo become the new medium of choice, augment Twitter, or just fade away?

As I watched the launch of VMware vSphere 4 on Tuesday I was torn.  Part of the event was more corporate group hug than product launch, and in many ways vSphere is a logical extension of the company’s existing products. But a little voice in my head told me, “This is something big.” Some technological […]

[Zoe Brain is on assignment this week, but don’t worry, she’ll be back!] As a child, I remember watching Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura with her wireless earpiece.  Today I use a similar peice of “science fiction” in my car so that I can keep both hands on the wheel.  In a generation we’ve gone from […]

Peering into the tea leaves today, I reflect on how it’s often the littlest things that change our lives, gradually, imperceptibly, yet with consequences that accumulate, so we’re unaware of how our lives have been revolutionised. Many things we’re aware of. But just look at TV shows from the 80’s, not so very long ago. […]

It was only a few years ago that the president of Daimler-Benz stated that by 2010, fully 80 per cent of the value of a new car coming off the production line would be in the electronics. Peering into the tea leaves, I see this trend continuing but with implications not obvious today. Not in […]

Daddy, is this water safe to drink? Just dip your pendant in it sweetheart, the way you were shown at Kindy. There you go… No, we have to boil it first. How does my pendant work, Daddy? Er.. something to do with diamonds honey… I think… Ask your mother. She’s the expert. *** Peering into […]

Doctor, I just can’t seem to remember things as well as I did, and I’ve been getting terrible headaches… Let’s review your medical history… Uh huh… I see you were treated for a problem with your hippocampus after an accident? You had a prosthesis installed? Yes… I think so…  About ten years ago… It’s under […]

X-Ray Specs!

See the bones in your hand, see through clothes! Well, see through clothes, anyway. Peering into the tea-leaves today, I see an advertisement: Victoria’s Stealth Block unwanted attention with our new close-weave 3mm and 1.5mm dielectric mesh technology. Combined with X-ray absorbing polymers, He’ll only see what you want him to see! *** It was […]

End of an Era

Futurist Zoe Brain laments that, sometimes, the Tea Leaves show things that are not all that comforting. Here’s what appeared recently, in her Earl Grey… *** Want a Job in Space Development? Learn Mandarin in just three months with our new interactive technology! It was some 550 years ago that the first great age of […]

Today’s Next Big Thing is about the convergence of three technologies, each of which is in service today, either in the military or in office toys for the Uber-Geek (or Geekette). Here’s what the tea-leaves say lies in our future, when small, electrically-powered flying vehicles, mini navigation systems and affordable Infra-Red imaging are combined… *** […]

In which TLP futurist Zoe Brain peers into the tea leaves and tries to foresee our tech future. *** My mommy has fallen down and I can’t wake her up! Help! It’s going to be all right honey. Just tell me where you are. We’re in the woods. We went camping. I can’t wake her […]