A European businessman has stepped in to save at least one facet of the Polaroid legacy from the jaws of bankruptcy. Florian Kaps, a 39-year-old Austrian described in some media reports as an “eccentric artist”, has purchased the Polaroid film plant in Enschede, Netherlands, and plans to keep it open — a development that will […]

Wireless network giant VeriSign’s Messaging and Mobile Media division estimates that more than 1.4 billion wireless text messages will be sent today — a new one-day record. The occasion, of course, is the inauguration of the first African American U.S. President and industry observers expect all forms of electronic communication to be operating at high […]

At least, that’s the literal translation of the Japanese name of latest robo-pet in Sega’s growing mech-menagerie. Ideal for allergy sufferers. (Photo: AFP) As the AFP news service reports, “The robo-cat is equipped with touch sensors that let it engage in such real-life feline behavior as purring, moving its legs when you rub its belly, […]

If you’re tired of sorting through irrelevant Google search results, you’ll really appreciate Google’s new ‘preferred sites’ feature. As the Google support page explains, “The preferred sites feature lets you set your Google Web Search preferences so that your search results match your unique tastes and needs. Fill in the sites you rely on the […]

Behold the Chrono-Shreader, a new approach to calendar design that objectifies the implacable passage of time and the undeniable facts that tomorrow has not yet happened and yesterday is gone forever… According to inventor Susanna Hertrich, “This innovative calendar literally demobnstrates the passage of time. The Chrono-Shredder is a device that reminds us of the […]

Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic have launched a new joint venture to promote responsible recycling of electronic gadgets in the U.S. The newly-opened Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company (MRM) has at least two drop-off points in each state and accepts a wide variety of retired gadgets. Devices made by any of the three partners in MRM […]

Independent security researcher Brian Masterbrook says an unpatched flaw in Apple’s Safari browser could leave Mac OS X and Windows usrs open to attack from hackers who could take over their computers. In his blog, Masterbrook explains that the vulnerability is associated with the way Safari handles RSS feeds. However, he stresses that users need […]

A Columbus, OH, man has been charged with several counts following a police raid on his Web site. It wasn’t just any Web site, though. As the Associated Press reports, Columbus police allege that Robert Eric McFadden was not only running an online community where visitors could post reviews of prostitutes they had used but […]

The tanking global economy means especially hard times for purveyors of entertainment gadgets. This past holiday season was the most disappointing retailers have seen in decades and manufacturers are struggling to move inventories and keep plants open. Sony, in particular, is in the midst of a major (voluntary) restructuring exercise which aims to save the […]

Research in Motion (RIM) has issued a collection of security patches for flaws that could let hackers take over its BlackBerry smart phones. According to the official advisory: “Multiple security vulnerabilities exist in the PDF distiller of some released versions of the BlackBerry Attachment Service. These vulnerabilities could enable a malicious individual to send an […]

U.S. President-elect Barach Obama will have to give up his beloved BlackBerry smart phone after his inauguration next Tuesday. The intelligence powers-that-be who are charged to protect him (and his country) say the device is just not secure enough for a President to use. Officials at Research In Motion (RIM), makers of the BlackBerry, insist […]

Internet Security leader McAfee Inc.’s January Spam Report looks back at 2008 and offer predictions about what’s to come on the spam front in 2009. The Report headlines the takedown last fall of U.S.based spam host giant McColo, resulting in a 65 per cent drop in spam volume across the Net for over a week. […]