Search giant Google this week launched a new service for Internet users and researchers, designed to detect moves by Internet service providers (ISPs) to filter or throttle their subscribers’ Internet connections. The Measurement Lab (MLab) is described as an early warning system which can flag possible Net neutrality offenders for closer attention by free speech […]

Independent security researchers have disclosed a vulnerability in current versions of the Google Chrome Web browser (versions and earlier) and Mozilla’s popular Firefox (version 3.05) which could allow cyber crooks to ‘clickjack’ unwitting surfers. Clickjacking, in essence, redirects clicks a visitor makes on one Web site (usually a legitimate one that has been hacked […]

Update: The U.S. House of Representatives has killed a proposal from  the U.S. Senate to delay the switch from analogue to digital TV broadcasting there. The Senate measure called for a four month postponement in the switchover date, from February 17 to June 12 of this year, to allow Americans not yet prepared for the […]

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, Google — and legions of mobile mail users — are excited about a new feature being tested by GMail Labs: offline e-mail. Offline GMail doesn’t let you send or receive mail when you can’t get an Internet connection, of course. But it does let you work with downloaded mail […]

When you run into a story with an opening line like this, you just have to read further: “Did you know a solar flare can make your toilet stop working?” So begins the overview of the results of a new NASA funded study of the effects of so-called super solar flares. The report, officially titled […]

The U.S. Senate this week approved a four-month delay in the official switchover from analog to digital TV broadcasting. The deadline for broadcasters to cease transmitting using the old technology has been extended to June 12, 2009. Recent surveys revealed that better than 90 per cent of American TV viewers were ready for the switch […]

Microsoft yesterday quietly released what is being described as a release candidate version of Internet Explorer (IE) 8. This pre-release version is essentially the final form of IE8 but MS officials declined to reveal when the official launch will be. Among the highlights of IE8: The addition of private browsing, enhanced security and a new […]

Rather than using it as a reference for phone numbers not to be called, some telemarketers are apparently using the new Canadian do-not-call list as a source for leads. The Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) sells copies of the list to telemarketers at a nominal cost. Making the list available to the marketers […]

Amid the pomp, circumstance and general hubbub surrounding the inauguration of U.S. President Barach Obama last week, the U.S Supreme Court quietly administered a coup de grace to the controversial Child Online Protection Act (COPA). The court, which ruled COPA unconstitutional in 2004, refused a U.S. Justice Department request to hear further arguments in the […]

The Vatican has taken a bold leap into the 21st century, opening its own YouTube page. The page features videos of public appearance by Pope Benedict, who welcomed viewers personally with a clip in which he described the Internet in general and YouTube in particular as a, “great family that knows no borders.” The Vatican […]

U.S. President Barach Obama may be the most famous fan of the BlackBerry smart phone. But, as we reported last week, he almost lost his trusty wireless assistant, which was at his side throughout his tumultuous Presidential campaign, when he took the oath of office last Tuesday. Obama and his BlackBerry on the Campaign Trail. […]

Microsoft (MS), Sony and Intel all announced new layoffs this week, providing confirmation of industry observer’s predictions that the tech sector economic slump is still far from bottoming out. Microsoft led off with an announcement that shocked many in the tech sector: Q4 2008 financial results were so disappointing that the company felt compelled to […]