Media giant CNN caused more than a few raised eyebrows in the tech community when it was revealed recently that it installs an application that lets CNN use subscribers’ computers to distribute its live streaming content the first time viewers sign in to view streaming content. It’s not a drive-by download or some insidious secret […]

The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday approved a delay in the deadline for U.S. broadcasters to abandon traditional analogue broadcasting frequencies and go digital. The so-called compromise delay measure lets broadcasters make the switch as originally planned on February 17 or wait until this coming June 12. But, if they switch now, they may lose […]

Google Latitude is a new feature of Google Maps on your smart phone or other mobile device which lets you see where your friends are at any given moment. — Friends who have opted-in to Latitude and want you to know where they are, that is. As the Official Google Blog explains: Once you’ve opted […]

Panasonic Corp. has joined the growing group of Japanese tech giants predicting major losses and responding with major layoffs and plant closures. Panasonic this week announced it will post a loss of (US)$4.2 billion for its 2008 fiscal year. In an attempt to cut costs, the company will close 27 manufacturing sites lay off at […]

Microsoft’s (MS) Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser lost ground consistently to Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari last year. Year-end figures from research firm Net Applications also showed that Google’s new Chrome browser, launched last fall, made steady gains but remained well back of the IE’s two principle challengers. Specifically… IE started the measurement period, last […]

Most cell makers let you secure your phone using a four-digit PIN number. That will keep your address book and other data safe and will keep others from running up minutes on your service plan if the phone is lost. But what if someone shoulder surfs you while you’re making a call and then steals […]

Canada’s cell phone service providers have been ordered to upgrade their systems to allow 911 emergency services to locate callers within a radius of 10 m (30 ft.) in urban areas and 100 m (300 ft.) in rural areas by 2010. That would bring Canada’s cell infrastructure into line with existing U.S. standards. The Canadian […]

What do you get when you add aluminum iron oxide to regular latex housepaint? If you follow the recipe developed recently by researchers at the University of Tokyo, you get an effective barrier for radio signals that could effectively lock drive-by WiFi freeloaders out of your home or small office wireless network. According to the […]

You’ve almost certainly heard, by now, that someone at search giant Google made a tiny little mistake in routine maintenance this past weekend which resulted in a huge uproar. In it’s simplest terms, an update to a ‘dangerous Web sites’ list generated by another party, was installed improperly at Google resulting in all Google search […]

Google has updated its Chrome Web browser to version, plugging security holes revealed last week by independent security researchers. According to the official release notes, the update addresses ten separate security issues including the ones revealed last week that could allow cyber crooks to take control of a computer running an unpatched copy of […]

Did U.S. President Barach Obama greet you when you sat down at your computer this morning? If you found a picture of the new U.S. president smiling back at you from the lower right-hand corner of your screen, you’ve got the Obama Worm. But don’t panic. Leading security experts say that’s all the bug does: […]

The British government this week revealed plans aimed at putting broadband Internet connections in every home in the country by 2012. That goal was first enunciated in the Digital Britain Interim Report, released last fall by UK Communications, Technology and Broadcasting Minister, Lord Carter. Only about four per cent of British households are currently out […]