Gmail has finally given its users the ultimate accessory: an Undo Send button. No, really! You can now ‘take back’ any e-mail message you send from Gmail simply by clicking the new Undo Send link which will appear in the familar yellow advice bar above your message whenever a message has been sent. The trick […]

UK Home Office Security Minister Vernon Coaker this week announced that he feels the EU Data Retention Directive, which would require Internet service providers (ISPs) to record and store all Internet traffic data on their systems for a year, does not go far enough. Coaker is proposing that all communications on social networking sites such […]

Microsoft (MS) this week officially launched the latest version of its iconic Web browser, Internet Explorer (IE) at its MIX 09 tech conference in Las Vegas. Among IE 8’s new features: A private browsing option, to eliminate traces of your surfing activity on your system, and a new feature that lets you cache ‘slices’ of […]

Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy says the list isn’t official but bloggers and other ‘observers’ are having a field day with it, just the same. The list, containing 2395 Web sites supposedly to be to banned under the new Australian national Clean Feed initiative, was apparently leaked earlier this week. Conroy claims the ‘leaked’ list […]

Internet security giant McAfee Inc. today announced support of the recently-released Windows 7 public Beta, releasing compatible versions of its anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall technologies through a Beta version release of McAfee Total Protection for home users. You can find upgrade and installation instructions by visiting the McAfee Beta Web site. McAfee continues to test […]

Random groups of Yahoo! users were surprised last fall when they were involuntarily ‘upgraded’ to one of several beta versions of Yahoo!’s new home page. A resounding majority of ‘testers’ gave the new designs a thumbs-down. Among their complaints: It took too many mouse clicks to get to their mailboxes and the new layout was […]

A list of more than 8,000 stolen Comcast customer IDs and passwords was posted publicly on the Web for more than two months on the Scribd document sharing site before being discovered and removed yesterday. It apparently took a tip from reporter Brad Stone of the New York Times to wise-up Scribd to the situation. […]

If a case now before the British Columbia Supreme Court goes against the plaintiff, that’s a real possibility, according to legal experts watching the situation. A small BC search engine operator, ISOHunt Inc., has taken the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) to court to get an answer, once and for all, to the question of […]

What could be more convenient than an AA battery that you could recharge anywhere, anytime? The USBCell, from British innovator Moxia Energy Ltd., is a direct replacement for a regular battery of that size in any application. The difference is, it has it’s own recharger built in. Just flip the green cap that forms the […]

The new iPod shuffle — so small that it doesn’t have room for control buttons on the case — was only released last week. But it’s stirring up controversy already. Seems that Apple is requiring all third-party accessories for the device incorporate a special ‘authentication’ chip which must be licensed from Apple, for a fee. […]

A new VoxPop (Voice of the People) survey by the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA), which governs and regulates Canada’s opinion research industry, shows that Canadians who have registered their phone numbers on the national Do Not Call List (DNCL) are generally pleased with the results. Eighty per cent of those polled say they […]

Linda Holmes took on a controversial topic, herself, in her blog at this week. She dared to name the ten most dangerous topics you could ever, but should never, discuss on the Internet. “Tempers will flare. Nothing good will come of it,” she warns. Without further ado, here they are: Home schooling Bikes versus […]