A week before America went to the polls, the gaming world declared its ‘winners’ in the U.S. presidential race. Pandemic Studios announced that Barack Obama and Sara Palin will be available as downloadable playable characters in its forthcoming major release: Mercenaries 2, World in Flames. Pandemic exec Tom Stratton explains: “Mercenaries 2 is a game […]

Facebook CEO Cheryl Sandberg reports that the popular online community’s active membership surged from 90 million this past July to more than 120 million by the end of last month. Speaking at Saleforce.com’s Dreamforce conference this week, Sandberg confirmed that, “We got more [members] in the last three months than in the first three years […]

Apple has summarily quashed rumours that a new Mac Mini and an updated iMac family will be unveiled in time for year-end holiday gift giving. The rumours surfaced on fan blogs and online forums over the weekend and quickly took on a life of their own. However, an Apple rep told Macworld magazine yesterday that, […]

Cell phone design innovator Motorola has launched a new, top-of-the-line super phone just in time for holiday gift giving… The AURA, which is designed to sell for ‘around (US)$2,000’, features a sumptuous array of luxury features and appointments including an ultra-scratch-resistant man-made sapphire crystal protecting its distinctive 16-million colour, 300 dpi circular display. According to […]

Hundreds of Japanese enthusiasts lined up to buy Nintendo’s new DSi portable game console this past Saturday at its Tokyo launch event, involving a host of stores in that city’s legendary Akihabara ‘electronics market’ district. The (US)$178 device actually sold out everywhere it was offered by noon. The DSi is similar in many respects to […]

From: CNet News — Google has issued a patch for the buffer overflow vulnerability revealed in its Android cell phone operating system shortly after the release of the first Android-based phone, T-Mobile’s G1, in the U.S. last week. As CNet’s Stephen Shankland reports, the patch is now available via download, through T-Mobile. Users should receive […]

Right off the top, let’s clarify one key point: Cell phone users are using their phones more than ever, so it’s not the service side of the business that’s suffering. In fact, a recent survey of consumer preferences showed that phone service — be it cell or land line — was one of the last […]