It’s a classic example of how a silly Web site surprised the experts and became a serious money-maker. Maybe even an Internet icon. You may not have actually visited the I Can Has Cheezburger (ICHC) blog site but I’ll bet you’ve seen its captioned photos of ‘LOLcats’ doing all sorts of improbable things. People love […]

It may sound like something you’ve heard about before. And, if so, you may also remember that allegations of iPods and other portable music players interfering with heart pacemakers were disproven by medical researchers. But, now, doctors and engineers are looking into reports that music player headphones can interfere with both pacemakers and implantable defibrillators. […]

A coalition of product testers, software developers and media representatives has joined to form a new organization with the aim of standardizing the testing and rating of Internet security programs. The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) counts among its members more than 40 security experts, product testers and members of the media from around the […]

A new top-level Internet domain will officially become available for registrations December 3, 2008. On that date, applicants will be able to start registering domain names corresponding to legal trademarks that they own. So-called ‘landrush’ registrations open on February 3 of next year and general availability commences on March 24, 2009. The .tel system works […]

Call it an announcement that was officially unofficial, but unofficially official… It wasn’t an official Microsoft (MS) team leader blog entry, just a word to selected reporters at last week’s MS Professional Developers Conference. But industry observers say a highly-placed, anonymous MS rep let slip that the company is targeting Christmas 2009 for the official […]

Yahoo shares sank as low as (US)$11.65 a share on Friday, in the wake of the death of the partnership deal with Google and in the face of confirmation from Microsoft (MS) CEO Steve Ballmer that MS is no longer interested in acquiring Yahoo! “Look, we made an offer, we made another offer. It was […]

Well, it will at least have location-based technology that will let future applications tell you where you and your computer are, anywhere in the world. And that information will be available for sharing with other applications running on your PC at the same time. The system, unveiled in an early development version at this week’s […]

Adobe yesterday released an update which fixes half a dozen flaws in its ubiquitous Flash Player 9 browser plug-in. The flaws, reported earlier this week, could allow criminal hackers to break into users’ computers and use them, clandestinely, as platforms to broadcast spam or take over other computers. As ZDNet’s Ryan Naraine reports, the patch […]

Firefox development programmer Ehsan Akhgari announced, in his personal blog earlier this week, that a new ‘Private Browsing’ mode will be available in ‘pre-release’ versions of Firefox 3.1. Credit: Ehsan Akhgari Akhgari explains: “… While you browse the Web, your browser usually records a lot of data which will later be used to improve your […]

Internet security developer Kaspersky Lab’s Security Network reports a sharp increase in online malware threats this past September. Kaspersky’s October, 2008, Monthly Malware Statistics report reveals an increase over more than 10 per cent in the incidence of, “malicious programs, including adware and potentially unwanted programs,” over that period. In a nutshell, the reports concludes: […]

Microsoft (MS) has announced it will offer free MS Windows Server software to qualifying start-up companies under the BizSpark program. The program will offer a wide range of MS products in addition to Windows Server including Visual Studio, SQL Server, SharePoint and others. To qualify, companies must be privately owned, must not be more than […]

From: Yahoo! News — Around the world, supporters and critics alike celebrated the victory of Barack Obama in last night’s U.S. Presidential election in their own virtual ways… As Derrik Lang of Yahoo! News reports, ‘…While crowds gathered at public rallies and millions of others simply glued themselves to television news coverage, many spent election […]