From: — Industry analysts warn that the line between computers and smart phones continues to blur — and the ultimate result is more likely to be a violent collision than an amicable merger. As’s Brooke Crothers reports, “This will happen as more tweener products emerge. ‘New product categories such as Netbooks, MIDs (mobile […]

Angry iTunes users are calling for a boycott of the Apple iTunes store after finding that certain video content they have purchased via download from iTunes can’t be played — even on their genuine Apple equipment. They say they get an error message referring to “High Digital Content Protection” (HDCP), saying their external display device […]

Microsoft (MS) this week announced that it is planning to phase out its Live OneCare subscription-based online security service late next year and introduce a new suite of free ‘core anti-malware protection’ services for users of XP, Vista and Windows 7. “Customers around the world have told us that they need comprehensive, ongoing protection from […]

While eBay vendors have traditionally espoused a ‘yard sale’ mentality about their online buying and selling activities, at least one government is taking a more formal stance. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which handles all of the country’s federal customs, excise and income tax business, is demanding personal information on eBay Canada ‘power sellers’ — those […]

Just visit this quirky site, owned and maintained (as a public relations talking point?) by the Airlock digital design agency of London, UK. All it really does is display the age of the Internet, to the minute, when you arrived at the page. By Airlock’s reconing, the Internet was born almost 26 years ago — […]

When comparison shopping is as convenient as opening multiple browser tabs, and payment is as simple as using a credit card, it’s no wonder online shopping continues to grow in popularity as retail store sales decline. Surveys commissioned by the U.S. National Retail Federation predict all-but-stagnant growth in store sales this month and next. But […]

Actually, Apple has released Safari 3.2 addressing at least a dozen security issues, several of which are rated “critical”. In fact, Apple says the upgrade to Safari 3.2 should be treated as highly critical. Apple says more than one of the vulnerabilities addressed could be used to take full control of a compromised computer. Details […]

From: — The Mozilla consortium this week released Firefox 3.0.4, which reportedly fixes a dozen flaws, six of which Mozilla rated as ‘critical’. Version 2.x users can get an update to version 2.0.18 which fixes the same problems. However, Mozilla is encouraging all 2.x users to update to version 3.x as soon as possible. […]

Google has ploughshared a resource it has in abundance into a product that we can all use. The Internet search giant has started analyzing search queries for keywords associated with illnesses to produce a ‘Flu Map’ of America. The map offers a general Flu risk rating if you mouse over your state. But you can […]

From: — A new, rather unconventional, study by computer scientists at University of California (UC) Berkeley and San Diego has revealed some interesting facts about e-mail spam. If you think you get a lot of spams, you’re right. And there’s a good reason. The UC researchers found that only about one in 12.5 million […]

The problem is as old as employee workstations with Internet access themselves. And employers haven’t made much headway in solving it — until now. Paraben Corp. of Orem, UT, has demonstrated a new forensic program designed to let employers identify pornographic images on their employees’ workstations. What makes the Paraben system different is that it […]

Yahoo! and Google are engaged in a legal battle with ‘dozens’ of Argentinian celebrities — largely fashion models and pro sports stars. The Argentine courts have ruled that the Internet search giants must filter out all hits containing references to personal information such as the plaintiffs’ names from search results delivered to Argentinian users. It’s […]