From: Reuters / Information Week — California’s Silicon Valley — the high tech enclave south of San Francisco — has long been seen as both a symbolic and a functional bellweather of the technology sector. Now, the weakening global economy has caught up with the icon and economists say that development bodes ill for the […]

With money as tight as it’s ever been during any holiday season in recent memory, it’s more important than ever to spend your gift dollars wisely. With that in mind,, a popular news and review Web site, has surveyed this fall’s new computer game releases and offers its caveats about five titles which — […]

A television ad for Apple’s iPhone G3 has been banned by the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) following complaints by users that the ads set unrealistic expectations among purchasers with regard to the speed of the device itself and the wireless service to which it connects. iPhone 3G: Not exactly as shown? The ad in […]

Microsoft placed fifth in a new list of the world’s Top Ten spam hosts released this week by online security watcher The preamble to the survey results notes: “Spam continues to plague the Internet because a small number of large Internet Service Providers sell service knowingly to professional spammers for profit, or do nothing […]

Reports earlier this week that a Google GMail “vulnerability” was being used by cyber criminals to hijack domains have been revealed to be part of a scam, themselves. Google engineer Chris Evans explains, in a Google Online Security Blog post: “With help from affected users, we determined that the cause was a phishing scheme, a […]

Researchers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland have developed a Star Wars-style “light sabre” that could fight cancer cells. In fact, the device “which measures only a few milimetres square” is claimed to be capable of targeting and puncturing individual body cells. “You could think of these as tiny light sabres, like they […]

An icon of the tech publishing industry — PC Magazine — has thrown in the (paper) towel and is discontinuing its printed edition. The computer and digital tech mag will continue publishing, but online only. Amid a flurry of paper-pub closings and moves by others to all-digital formats, PC Magazine will cease printing a monthly […]

Smart phones aren’t just for business anymore. That’s the one-line, bottom-line synopsis of a very detailed new report by J.D. Power and associates, on Canadian smart phone use. The J.D. Power 2008 Canadian Wireless Customer Satisfaction Study, released today, probed the customer satisfaction perceptions of wireless phone users with respect to their service, equipment and […]

From: The WIRED Blog Network — The U.S. military has reportedly banned the use of all types of external, portable digital storage devices on its secure and unclassified networks. As WIRED’s Noah Schactman reports, “The Defense Department’s geeks are spooked by a rapidly spreading worm crawling across their networks. So they’ve suspended the use of […]

Almost three quarters of Canadian households now own at least one cell phone, according to a new Harris/Decima survey commissioned by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA). The survey revealed that a full 72 per cent of Canadian homes have access to at least one wireless phone and 69 per cent of households have two […]

From: The — Xbox users are flooding the Xbox support forums with reports of DVD drive failures and outright system freeze-ups on their game consoles, following installation of the latest Microsoft (MS) Xbox Live software update. As The Telegraph’s Claudine Beaumont reports, “Microsoft said it was aware of the issues and was working hard […]

The Mac OS X operating system — long touted as immune to viruses and hacking — has been compromised by a Trojan horse attack that installs a backdoor hacker tool, according to Mac security specialist Intego. The Trojan program pops up an error message when Mac users visit certain booby-trapped Web sites, stating that a […]