Sort of. A new application from the Truphone division of the UK’s Software Cellular Network Ltd. turns any second generation iPod Touch into a WiFi Voice over IP (VoIP) internet phone. According to the product Web site, Truphone users can, “make free calls to other Truphone or Google Talk users [dubbed ‘TruFriends’] from any Wi-Fi […]

A new policy instituted by the Chinese government is causing more than a little consternation among Western security software vendors in general and U.S. federal trade officials in particular. The new regulation requires all foreign computer security software to be submitted for government approval before it can be sold in China. Software manufacturers are concerned […]

It seems that Wikipedia, the ultra-popular user-generated online encycplopedia, has been placed on the Internet Watch Foundation black list. The IWF, based in the UK, bills itself as: “The UK Hotline for reporting illegal content specifically: Child sexual abuse content hosted worldwide and criminally obscene and incitement to racial hatred content hosted in the UK.” […]

A bug that plagued Netflix streaming video delivery for several weeks was finally fixed late last week. According to a post at the official Netflix blog this past Friday, “Recently some Netflix members using Roku or Xbox movie players noticed lower quality streaming than they had experienced earlier. This was a temporary issue that we […]

From the classic to the (slightly) crazy, offers it’s gift suggestions for the compulsive experimentalist on your holiday gift list. Along with the traditional chemistry sets and telescopes, io9’s Scifi Gift Guide features more-modern technology including hobby lasers, robots and even a giant, ‘floor-model’ Tesla coil. There’s something for every budget — from (US)$10 […]

A new round of holiday-themed spam scams is circulating, luring unwary Internet users with tempting ‘major brand’ offers. Internet security companies WebSense and McAfee have both reported e-mail attacks using bogus ‘special holiday offers’ from major brands to mask the delivery of malicious code which, when installed on a victim’s computer, turns it into a […]

A resourceful restauranteur in Melbourne, Aus., recently used the popular Facebook social networking site to track down a group of egregious tab evaders. Peter Leary, proprietor of Melbourne’s classy Seagrass restaurant was not concerned when a group of apparently well-heeled young people sat down to a sumptuous feast at his establishment, running up a tab […]

A new study by the Memory and Aging Research Center at the University of California / Los Angeles (UCLA) shows that Internet search activities can exercise the brain and stimulate neural circuitry. The nine-month study involved people aged 55 to 76 of similar educational levels who were neurologically normal — that is, were not suffering […]

Firefox and other ‘alternatives’ are gaining ground in the battle of the browsers at the expense of Microsoft’s (MS) market-dominating Internet Explorer (IE). According to a recent survey by Web measurement software firm Net Applications, worldwide use of IE dropped below 70 per cent last month — for the first time since browser popularity has […]

Nokia is a major player in the cell phone game but it hasn’t had a major new handset release in some time. Apple, LG, BlackBerry and others have all introduced new smartphone handsets in the past few months, angling for a slice of the holiday gift sales market. Now, Nokia has weighed in with its […]

The U.S. Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA), which speaks for computer game makers, has proposed a new method of curbing the shoplifting of game DVDs from retail stores. It’s similar to the well-known security tags that retailers put on clothing and other items, which explode spraying the product with ink to ‘deny the benefit’ of the […]

One of every three U.S. households now has at least one High Definition TV receiver, according to a new survey by Leichtman Research Group (LRG). That’s twice the number of HD households in the U.S. two years ago. But two-thirds of current U.S. HDTV owners bought their sets within the past 12 months, indicating a […]