The announcement last month, that Apple chief Steve Jobs would not attend or address Macworld 2009 this week in San Francisco, sparked rumours that he was planning to ease into retirement. Later, other rumours started circulating in the Apple fan community that Jobs was seriously ill — perhaps dieing. Now Apple’s official line is that […]

From: Reuters / Yahoo! Tech — The Chinese government has launched a New Year’s crackdown against Web sites it says threaten morals by spreading pornography and vulgarity. Prominent among the primary offenders were global Internet giant Google and Chinese Web search leader Baidu. There was no official comment, as of this post, from Google. As […]

It’s too late to order for delivery in time for Christmas, now, but if someone in your house already has, or is lucky enough to find a Sony Playstation 3 under the tree tomorrow, there’s a new accessory that will ease the playability issues they may have with the PS3 controller. has released its […]

In what appears to be the prelude to a massive identity theft scam, fake ‘Class of 2013’ groups have been opened at Facebook, luring students at a long list of U.S. universities to sign up. The administrators of those groups could potentially gather a lot of personal information on class members. Brad Ward, an admissions […]

You’re probably familiar with iPod accessories such as fashion slipcases, custom skins and docking stations. But, now, there’s a new portable device that’s perfect for holiday party-goers. The iBreath from David Steele Industries turns any current-model iPod (except Nanos) or iPhone into a convenient pocket breathalizer. The device is totally self-sufficient, with its own mini […]

TLP News Nugget: From: The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association — “In the third quarter of the year, Canadians sent more than 5.2 billion person-to-person text messages, bringing the total number of text messages in the first nine months of the year to more than 14.1 billion. Canadians are now sending approximately 64 million text messages […]

From: Science Daily — Alternatives to the common incandescent light bulb are all the rage these days. Some folks are paying several times more per bulb than incandescents to use them but many still are not — in spite of the fact that experts insist the more-efficient, longer-lasting alternative bulbs offer an overall saving when […]

From: Yahoo! Tech — A new study of spam ‘demographics’ reveals that the amount of personalized spam is increasing alarmingly. Moreover, these new spam and phishing messages are targeted to specific recipients, according to their interests and previous buying habits. It’s the difference between snail mail addressed to ‘Occupant’ and unsolicited pitches that come addressed […]

Earlier this week, Microsoft (MS) quietly announced that it will finally start to make good on a promise announced last May to open up its flagship productivity package, MS office, to third-party file formats. MS has been under intense pressure from governments and other major users to make its Office suite compatible with the open […]

Microsoft issued a rare out-of-cycle emergency patch fort a sderious vulnerability in its Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser late yesterday. The critical hole in IE that the new patch plugs is very similar — at least in the way it works — to the one in the popular Firefox browser which was also patched yesterday. […]

The Mozilla consortium, which supports and directs development of the Firefox Web browser, has issued a number of important security updates for the popular alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE). Eight separate patches were released yesterday, three of which Mozilla rated as critical. The most serious of these fixes a vulnerability that could allow cyber […]

Saying that, “trade shows have become a very minor part of how Apple reaches its customers,” Apple Inc. has announced that the company’s participation in Macworld Expo 2009, will be it’s last. “The increasing popularity of Apple’s Retail Stores, which more than 3.5 million people visit every week, and the Web site enable Apple […]