We are familiar with the word “change”.  Hard to believe, but we are already in month of June! This is the perfect time to look at where you are with your life. Did you start out the year or month with a plan to change something? How is your plan working for you? Do you […]

On my trail run this weekend I started out on one of my usual favorite trail routes. However, we had some heavy storms this week and mud was not the biggest issue. Rather standing water, new rivers, random trees and some heavy brush made for very tough running. I think I may have invented a brand […]

We all know that we should eat better. But how does one really do that? With our busy schedules, traveling, kids, just life, finding the time to make healthy things to eat is the last thing on our mind. How can you make easy changes in order to have a healthier diet? Here are four steps to […]

How does technology impact our life when it comes to fitness? For some, it can hinder their life. For example, sitting behind the computer for hours on end, playing video games or interacting only on phones! While all of these gadgets are great (I will be the first to admit that my Blackberry is everywhere […]

Last week, I mentioned the word ‘happy’. But how can we be happy? What does happy mean to us?  Is it chocolate ice cream? That daily cup of coffee? Or that donut? Or whatever makes you feel good instantly? I wonder if we would replace coffee with taking a walk. Enjoying just looking at the […]

So many of us struggle with the dreaded phrase: Weight loss. Why do we battle this? How can we make it a victory and not a battle? Here are some ways to do just that: Make “weight loss” a mindset rather than a temporary change. Change your habits for life, not just for a small period […]