A few weeks ago, Twitter was hacked. Facebook also had its woes. Recently Gmail went down. What’s a girl to do? If you were like me, it felt like my blood supply got cut off. It got me thinking. What do we do when technology isn’t available? We are used to having technology relationships. But […]


This week has been interesting, to say the least. Between countless deadlines, traveling, training, projects, some disappointing news, some exciting news and life in general, the last 7 days have given me my money’s worth — if there was such a thing. And a laugh or three. Which brings me to my thought for this […]

On goals

So, for the month of July I had a little personal goal of running and cycling 1000 miles. Yup you read that right, 1k miles. I knew that it would be tough to get in due to my travel schedule. Over the weekend I realized that I would have to get in 350 miles in 6 […]

VIP Rocks!

Sunday night we went to the AC/Galaxy game. And we had VIP perks. Sweet! While thinking about this VIP status I was reminded that we are all very important people. Just because our group had special seats — and let’s not forget the food — it didn’t mean that we were better then the people […]

This week, training has been tough. July DC weather finally decided to come and I have been battling sickness. My runs, rides and swims have been tough. This morning while in the water I wanted to bail the whole time. But I didn’t.   While it would have been easy to get out of the […]

Eat red!

I recently spent 3 days in Traverse City, MI immersed in the world of cherries. Specifically tart cherries. Did you know tart cherries contain anthocyanins & bioflavonoids and that they help prevent inflammation? Tart cherries are also an antioxidant! How cool is that? I learned so much about tart cherries and cherries in general and […]

While spending time on the trails this weekend, I was thinking about birthdays. Now, if you know me at all, you know I love birthdays. A lot. Why do I love birthdays so much? I’m glad you asked! Birthdays mean a few things to me. They’re a start of a new chapter. A time to […]

Recently, in the USA, we celebrated Independence Day. On July 4th many of us remember the people who have given their life for our country or made some sort of sacrifice for us. And that’s the word I want to focus on, sacrifice. What does the word sacrifice mean to us? We don’t have to […]

I was thinking in the pool for this edition. While trying not to drown. And avoiding 911 from being called. I have been training my butt off. Seriously, between running and cycling I have been getting in around 200 miles per week plus other cross training. I started thinking about throwing in an ironman, and I was […]

An answer

Today, my thoughts were prompted by one of my favorite songs. Human, by The Killers. In case you’re not familiar with the song, the lyrics include, “Are we human or are we dancers, my sign is vital, my hands are cold and I am on my knees looking for the answer.” Thinking of this song […]

Did I catch your attention? This week I’m writing a few thoughts about a 4 letter word and it’s not the word you might think it is. The 4 letter word is called LIFE. The word “life” brings up so many different thoughts, feelings, definitions, hopes, dreams and even fears. The fact of the matter […]

Today’s  FITLife tip is brought to you from my own experience. Is food winning over you? Try this: Get a small notebook or use your computer to track EVERYTHING you eat. It may take some time to get used to doing this. But, when you think about having that double scoop of ice cream or […]