From the ‘because we can’ department, a new dimension in shower satisfaction… Shower technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades. We no longer have to worry about sudden scalds or freeze-ups when someone else in the house turns on a tap. And we can choose more designs and variations […]

But you’d have to be in Central Florida, because that’s where this innovative participation-building program is being pioneered. The Careereoki program was conceived, by the Orange County Public Schools Career and Technical Education (OCPS CTE) and Workforce Central Florida (WCF) as a means of getting job seekers more involved in their job hunts. Job seekers […]

From the highly-effective low tech department… Every man’s Valentines question: What do women really want? Our answer: A good night’s sleep! His … and … Hers Tune-in to almost any ‘lifestyle’ cable TV channel these days for the lowdown on the Breathe Right nasal strip, right from the inventor’s mouth. (He’s making his own commercials, […]

European Union commissioner for Information Society and Media, Viviane Reding, told the European Parliament this week that it’s time to consider passing a measure which would send a strong message to repressive regimes, in Europe and elsewhere, that Internet censorship is unacceptable: …many authoritarian states block the access to Web sites, filter search engine results […]

A new, long-term study by the U.S. Pittsburgh School of Medicine shows that teenagers who get over 5 hours per day of exposure to electronic media including television, radio and video games have an increased risk of depression in later life. The study recorded the daily media exposure of more than 4,000 adolescents starting in […]

Korean designer Jeon Hwan Ju earned a berth in the finals of the Core77 Greener Gadgets Design Contest with his RITI compact computer printer which uses recycled coffee grounds to make its own ink. The RIKI not only produces distinctive sepia-toned printouts but also adds the dimension of fragrance. Not all that enamoured with the […]

IBM, which announced major layoffs of more than 4,000 workers in the U.S. and another 2,800 in Canada last week, is offering redundant workers a novel compensation package. The Company will pay their relocation costs to other countries where tech is still a growth industry and jobs that fit their skills are opening up. “IBM […]

The Indian government this week revealed a prototype of the Sakshat, its promised answer to the One Laptop Per Child low-cost computer. The small computer — described by some critics as a glorified calculator with an Internet connection — is intended as the basis for an Indian government e-learning initiative to link the country’s 1,800 […]

Security software giant Symantec has ‘reintroduced’ Norton Utilities, a product nameplate that pre-dates the Internet and virtually all of the products you are probably familiar with that bear the Norton name. When Microsoft (MS) Windows came into its own and started providing more and more of its own built-in system optimization and tweaking tools, third […]

Well… You had your suspicions but, now, they’re confirmed: More than 90 per cent of the e-mail sent to companies worldwide last year was spam. That’s just one of the shocking findings in the PandaLabs 2008 Annual Report, from  the research wing of Internet security tools developer, Panda Software. Based on a study of more […]

Singularity University, actually — a new academic institution offering ten weeks of summer programs hosted by the NASA Ames Research Center in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA. Singularity’s catalogue offers full ten-week courses as well as ten-day and three-day programs in ten different disciplines including future studies and forecasting; biotechnology and bioinformatics; nanotechnology; AI, […]

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