We stumbled across the link to this satirical gem while grazing the goodies at Crave, the branch of CNet News that showcases the newest and most desire-worthy consumer electronics toys and gadgets. It’s nothing less than the ultimate generic Apple Inc. tease for any new product that Steve Jobs hasn’t had the chance to personally […]

No, not that kind of ‘white lightning’. We’re talking about something more wholesome and less expensive: Plain white household vinegar. It’s not just for salad dressing and cleaning windows, anymore! In an age when we are bombarded mercilessly with television and magazine ads for ‘new’, ‘miracle’ cleaners, good old vinegar still shines as a multi-purpose […]

Australian free speech activists are expressing alarm over ‘creeping’ restrictions on their Internet access following the announcement that the new government content-filtering initiative known as the Clean Feed will be mandatory for all Internet users in the country. The censorship plan allows users to opt out of one level of filtering, designed to protect children […]

Well, maybe. As film industry blog Movie Crunch points out, we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out for sure. But there’s more to this story than just getting an early peek at the winners. And we’re not talking about the devastating effect such a leak could have on the annual billion-dollar Oscars betting […]

Microsoft (MS) has launched a research project to create a new next generation of tools designed to, “help writers by showing them some of the alternative ways by which they can express their ideas.” As the official project overview explains… For all the huge leaps in progress in computing technology over the last half century, […]

The Obama government’s new Recovery.gov web site went online earlier this week. The site features a top-of-page video welcome from President Barack Obama himself. Its slogan: ‘Your money at WORK’ The site is designed to act as a central clearinghouse for public information about the Obama government’s economic stimulus package, which was finally approved and […]

Why, make a virtual air hockey table out of it, of course! We pass along this image, courtesy of bleeding-edge tech showcase Engadget, of a 103 in. Panasonic PDP plasma screen that someone repurposed into a giant touchscreen virtual air hockey game… The plasma hockey game was on display at the recent ISE 2009 show […]

Symantec has launched a public beta version of a new service designed to let parents keep an eye on their kids’ online activities even when the parents aren’t home. The NOF mascott: Also still in beta; not yet named. The company describes Norton Online Family (NOF) as, “…a new online safety service for your family […]

It may set a precedent many average people will resent. A Pittsburgh, PA, couple who sued Google, claiming that the Street Views street-level photo panoramas now on file for most major cities in North America and a growing number in Europe, recklessly invaded their privacy. The five-count suit also claimed that Street Views photos reduced […]

It’s about time. And, ultimately, it’s about the environment. Major cell phone makers meeting in Barcelona, Spain, this week proposed a new ‘standard’ for their industry: ‘One-size-fits-all’ chargers. For every dead or retired cell phone, there’s a retired charger. That adds up to a lot of digital junk which usually ends up in a landfill […]

Facebook moved quickly over the past few days to quell a potential uprising among its millions of users, following a post by one alarmed user who actually read the Terms of Use document all Facebook users must agree to before their Facebook accounts are opened. The uproar erupted over the user’s interpretation of the Facebook […]

Dateline: Las Vegas… Well, where else would you expect a story like this to surface first? The Nevada Gaming Control Board has circulated a memo to casino operators across the state about a new wrinkle on an old method players can use to increase their chances of winning — a method which is, technically, legal. […]