A fluid dynamics professor at the University of Akron, OH, says he’s come up with an innovative way to defuse the fury or hurricanes before they can make landfall, causing widespread death and destruction. Hurricane damages average over (US)$5 billion a year in the U.S. It’s simple, really… Send supersonic fighter jets into the eye […]

Adobe yesterday finally plugged a security hole in its popular Acrobat Reader (for .PDF files), a hole that had been left open for almost two months. That delay in addressing the issue, considered excessive by many,generated a lot of criticism toward Adobe. TLP’s resident security expert, Eric Jacksch, takes a detailed look at that kafuffle […]

Internet security giant McAfee Inc. has announced two grants under the company’s Initiative to Fight Cyber Crime. McAfee has pledged (US)$55,000 to the Council of Europe’s effort to fight cybercrime, announced last week, and an equal sum to the U.S. National District Attorneys Association, both grants to be, “utilized in programs to train law enforcement, […]

Cloth diapers are nothing new. Neither are cloth table napkins and handkerchiefs. But how do you feel about reusable cloth toilet wipes? Wallypop.net, of Des Moines, IA, has them. And lots of other reusable products that support a ‘natural lifestyle’. Reuable toilet wipes have myriad advantages over the conventional paper variety, as the Wallypop Web […]

In the shadow of a controversial government program to filter the Web content that Australian Internet users can access, the Australian government has proposed another new regulation allowing police there to hack into any computer in the country, covertly, to spy on users. The measure would allow warrants for ‘covert searches’  to be issued in […]

The European Union has started its official process to consider all sides of the Net Neutrality question. As we might expect, myriad lobbyists have descended on European Commission headquarters in Brussels to make their respective points. Net Neutrality has more to do with network traffic management than content censoring, but the two concepts do overlap. […]

Norton 360 3.0 for 2009 was officially launched late last week., featuring a host of updates and some notable new features. ‘The hallmark of the Norton 2009 product line’ officially requires ‘an average install of approximately one minute and uses less than 10 MB of memory’. The latest version includes all of the performance and […]

Most of us are familiar with the hard-sell Gillette commercials for its five-blade Fusion razor. They hired not one, not two but three sports stars to sell other men on the proposition that five blades are better than three, in open defiance of the notion they previously spend millions to promote, that three blades were […]

If the name Sanford Wallace is familiar to you, you’ve probably been following the Web-wide spam scene for a while. Wallace is a notorious offender, sometimes referred to as ‘The Spam King’, who has made a fortune spamming in spite of being caught several times and fined hundreds of million of dollars for breaches of […]

We’ve heard, recently, about shocking reverses of fortune in the consumer electronics sector — massive layoffs and restructuring by previously unassailable industry giants such as Sony and cell phone giants such as Motorola. But, now, the bad news is spreading to the computer industry, where economic think tank Gartner Group is predicting a huge decline […]

You may have caught our recent exposé on Apple’s iPhone Apps store, the one in which a PinchMedia survey revealed that the vast majority of iPhone apps downloaded by users are abandoned within 24 hours of being installed. In the interests of balanced journalism, we now present what some consider the most useful iPhone app […]

Earlier this week, we reported that almost 70 per cent of all Canadians are using cell phones and that cell service is available to over 95 per cent of Canadians. Well, Canada is a pretty wired country and most Canadians live in a narrow band along the U.S. border, making it relatively easy for service […]