A nefarious new hacker tool now circulating on the Net lets baddies create ‘perfect’ replicas of YouTube pages which can allow the hackers to enslave the computers of unwitting video fans. Online security watchdogs warn users to beware of certain e-mails containing links to YouTube videos. Such e-mails are commonly used to advise friends and […]

From: CNet News > WebWare – Google has launched a new service that inserts ads into games. AdSense for Games is still in beta, but the buzz in the game industry is already building. Observers had been wondering what Google was going to do with AdScape, the small company that developed the core technology behind […]

Adobe has issued a security advisory describing a Flash Player bug that could let hackers take over control of users’ Web cams and computer microphones. Adobe cautions that the bug effects all browsers and all operating systems. The problem starts with what’s known as a ‘clickjacking’ attack, in which baddies lure users to click unknowingly […]

Remember that promotional spot, for a certain cable TV network, which popularized the slogan, “Merlot and e-mail don’t mix”? Now, GMail has instituted a new ‘feature’ for its users designed to save you – whether you’re in the heat of passion, the depths of a depression or the throes of exhaustion – from sending messages […]

From: The Daily Telegraph – In a (relatively) rare interview, Apple’s other Steve – co-founder Wozniak – opens up to the UK’s Daily Telegraph on a wide range of issues including his relationship with Apple’s iconic CEO, Steve Jobs, his take on the iPod and iPhone phenomena and how the current economic situation is effecting […]

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