In line with the major US department store chains, which have already launched their Christmas season marketing barrages, Microsoft unveiled its holiday gift suggestions at its Holiday 2008 ‘In The (K)Now’ showcase in New York City. MS representatives noted a recent US national telephone survey by StrategyOne Research which showed that two of every three […]

The Mozilla consortium, which coordinates development of the popular FireFox Web browser, this week released a beta version of FireFox 3.1. You can find out more and download the new browser at the Mozilla Development Centre Web site. The new version reportedly contains dozens of enhancements designed to keep FireFox up-to-date with the latest Web […]

The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) today announced that it has recognised a new ‘condition’ associated with excessive use of mobile phones. “It is worth doctors bearing this condition in mind if they see a patient with a rash on the cheek or ear that cannot otherwise be explained,” the BAD said, noting that many […]

From: ZDNet > News > Security – British Home Secretary Jacquie Smith yesterday announced the imminent introduction of new measures designed to monitor all ‘modern communications’ in the UK, in a crackdown on terrorism and organized crime. As ZDNet correspondent Nick Heath reports, the new measures, which come into effect in 2009, will require Internet […]

Apple yesterday unveiled a totally-renovated MacBook notebook computer family, featuring a new basic MacBook priced $750 lower than the latest MacBook Pro. The new MacBooks and MacBook Pros have been totally redesigned around all-metal enclosures featuring what Apple CEO Steve Jobs calls a ‘unibody’. The new 15 in. MacBook Pro Note the single-piece unibody frame […]

Legendary computer security vendor McAfee Inc. has launched its 2009 array of consumer/SOHO security suites claiming revolutionary advances in PC protection and and scanning speed. The 2009 McAfee lineup includes the McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security and McAfee VirusScan suites. According to the official new product release, these complementary products, “change the computer security […]

Version 10 of Adobe’s free Flash Player is now available for download from the Adobe Web Site. The Flash Player allows users to view ‘dynamic’ Web content created in the Flash format. According to today’s official Adobe new-product advisory: “Adobe Flash Player 10 builds on the capabilities of the world’s most pervasive application runtime with […]

From: ZDNet News > Security – Microsoft (MS) addressed 20 flaws, in its Windows operating system and other software applications, in a collection of 11 separate patches released yesterday under its regular monthly ‘Patch Tuesday’ Security Bulletin. As ZDNet’s Robert Vamosi reports, MS rates four of the patches ‘critical’. As part of its new policy […]

The Microsoft Security Response Centre (MSRC) today warns of a new security threat to Windows users. Hackers are apparently mass-emailing millions of computyer users with a fate notification that includes an executable attachment. Far from being a legitimate MS patch or update, the file is actually a hacker tool known as Backdoor:Win32/Haxdoor. If run by […]

A new report commissioned by the European commission warns that millions of European children and youths are at risk of permanent hearing loss if they listen to portable music players at high volume levels for as little as five hours per week. Researchers point out that the risk of hearing loss is increasing in direct […]

From: and Reuters – U.S. President George W. Bush signed two new bills into law yesterday, both of which tighten monitoring of Internet predators. As correspondent Stephanie Condon points out, one of the bills has definite political overtones. The Protect Our Children Act contains a variety of provisions, some introduced by none other […]

That’s right! The big news in the digital universe this morning is that Miscrosoft — perhaps after enduring increasing ridicule and criticism over the ‘asperational’ names it’s attached to recent versions of its flagship operating system — has decided to simply call the next full version ‘Windows 7’. Mike Nash, Corporate Vice President, Windows Product […]