From: The Ottawa Citizen – A new Ipsos Reid poll commissioned by PayPal Canada reveals that one in ten Internet users has fallen victim to identity theft. As Vito Pilieci reports, in the Ottawa Citizen, “Globally, English-speaking countries have been hardest hit by identity theft, according to the study. Around 10 per cent of online […]

Threatening e-mails and solicitations from online predators rank just as high, with two-thirds of U.S. mothers with kids 13 to 16 years of age, as drunk driving and drugs, in terms of the danger they represent to teenage children, a new survey by Internet security leader McAfee Inc. reveals. These findings jive with those of […]

From: CNet News – Microsoft (MS) this week received a new patent on technology which will allow users to bleep out words, in any audio text stream, which are included in a list of pre-defined ‘unacceptable terms’. The automatic censoring system will likely be welcomed by Web site operators — particularly social networking and media […]

McAfee Inc., a leader in consumer and enterprise information security technology, today announced a new initiative designed to ‘close critical gaps in the fight against cybercrime’. The McAfee Initiative to Fight Cybercrime (MIFC) is described as a multi-point plan that includes calls for action from law enforcement, academia, service providers, government, the security industry and […]

Cell phone maven Motorola has been out of the spotlight recently… The last Big Motorola Thing that captured media and consumer attention was the Razr phone, which the company marketed in a variety of models and permutations. Now, Motorola is looking for its next Big Thing and industry insiders say that will be a new […]

Social scientists and Web watchers of all stripes have been warning us, for some time now, that the Internet — and the Web in particular — is taking the place of television as a destructive force, competing with “family” activities for the attention and affection of folks of all ages and disrupting communication between family […]

From: The Daily Mail [Though tangential, at best, to issues impacting our digital lifestyle, we just couldn’t resist sharing this tidbit on another technology! — Ed.] The UK Daily Mail reports that a British chemist has been commissioned by NASA to create an artificial version of the fragrance of outer space, which has been described […]

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) in the UK has renewed an earlier plea, to computer makers, retailers and Web site proprietors, to help make the Internet safer for kids. In a recent survey at the NSPCC kids’ site,, almost four out of five kids who responded said they […]

What’s as Canadian as Hockey Night In Canada (HNIC)? The first thing many will think of is, “beer” — Molson’s products, specifically, which have been sponsoring the game telecasts as long as most of us can remember. Now, Molson’s and HNIC are partnering to promote themselves and the new Hockey Theme, chosen recently in a […]

From: Yahoo!Tech – Japanese innovators have harnessed a new, plentiful source of energy that’s available anywhere you are. Call it “shuffle power”. As Yahoo!Tech reports, Japanese telecommunications giant NTT has invented a pair of shoes that generate electricity as you walk. The pressure of the wearer’s weight on the shoes’ water-filled soles causes water to […]

The PayPass system uses MasterCard smartcards incorporating radio frequency technology to communicate with terminals embedded in point of sale devices such as gasoline pumps to instantly approve and register a retail sale. PayPass is also in use already at major grocery stores, cinemas and international fast-food restaurant chains including McDonald’s and Tim Hortons. Now, Coca […]

However… It does incorporate hallmark iPhone Touch features including a large touch-sensitive colour display which switches automatically from portait to landscape mode when you rotate the unit. The BlackBerry QWERTY-format SureType on-screen touch keyboard is available in both portarait and lansdscape mode. Other notable features include a full gigabyte of built-in onboard memory (expandable via […]