Google today released a new custom version of its Google Earth application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The enhanced application rotates its view automatically in response to physical rotation of the Touch device you’re using. Jump to your current location with a single keystroke. Enjoy direct access to Google Search, Panoramio and Wikipedia for […]

From: – European cell phone service providers T-Mobile and 02 are encouraging their customers not to upgrade their mobile handsets when their service contracts expire. Previously, customers were offered new handsets with more up-to-date features, at nominal or no cost, as a perk to renew their subscription with their provider of record. As ZDNet […]

As Art Seidman reports, in the official Yahoo! Search blog, Yahoo! has released an updated and enhanced version of its popular Inquisitor browser plugin for Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox. Inquisitor 3.0 reportedly offers some significant enhancements over its predecessors. Among the new features, an enhanced search algorithm designed to return more personalized, targeted results. […]

From: ZDNet – The kind of intrusive ‘hacker’ attacks common to desktop and portable computers have not yet appeared in the cell phone universe. But at least one computer security vendor is warning that they will soon. Chia Wing Fei, Security Response Manager at F-Secure Labs, told ZDNet this week that conditions are ripe for […]

Google has launched GMail Mobile 2.0, enhancing the mobile e-mail experience for J2ME-compatible cell phones such as the Nokia N95 and newer Blackberry models. The update allows users to save multiple drafts of e-mails in their phone (storage space permitting) and users with QWERTY keyboards (such as the BlackBerry) get new keyboard shortcuts for a […]

A new survey by ABI Research indicates that the majority of those television viewers in the U.S. who still use an antenna to view television broadcasts direct from the tower will switch to cable, or satellite services next February, when all U.S. TV broadcasting goes digital. But a significant number of analog TV viewers say […]

Microsoft (MS) yesterday issued a ‘critical’ Windows patch — outside its regular, monthly Security Bulletin cycle. The last time that happened was back in April, 2007. The MS special Security Bulletin describes the vulnerability being addressed as one of those flaws that could allow a hacker to take control of your computer. The problem affects […]

A paper products exec once boasted to anyone who would listen, at a cocktail party, that his company was recession-proof. The secret? “Our disposable diaper manufacturing lines can be re-tooled in under two hours to make sanitary pads,” he explained. “People may stop using disposable diapers or disposable dusting refills or paper towels when money […]

If you’ve given up trying to conquer your road rage, you can at least flip off other drivers more safely with this new device from But we hasten to add that there are lots of other, nicer, things you can use it for, too… The Hand is a 9 in. x 6 in, flourescent […]

Yahoo! is preparing to lay off 1,500 employees — a tenth of its total workforce — following news that the struggling Internet icon’s revenues slumped again in its most recent fiscal quarter. It’s the second time in nine months that the company has resorted to massive staff cuts to trim operating costs. The layoffs are […]

U.S. cell phone provider T-Mobile commenced retail sales of its new G1 touch phone yesterday in cities where the company’s G3 digital mobile services are available. Users in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco and Seattle were in on that party. While tech reviewers generally agreed that the G1 offered little, […]

Google has enhanced its Gears geolocation technology so that Web sites can determine the location of mobile and notebook users with even greater accuracy than before. “Developers can now securely locate users to within 200 m accuracy, in major desktop browsers in hundreds of cities around the world. Whether [the] users are Chrome, Internet Explorer, […]