Philosophers will argue that it’s morally reprehensible to profit from the misfortune of others. Nevertheless, it’s inevitable that Internet security companies will benefit from any upsurge in malware/virus attacks or other criminal hacker activity. If you’ve been thinking that viruses and online frauds have been in the news a lot lately, you’re right. So, it […]

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Behold the CineMassive OmegaPlex jumbo display… They don’t call the OmegaPlex ‘the final word in multi-monitor displays’ for nothing. This 27.6 million pixel ‘wall’ of video will dominate any room. Composed of 12 24 in. diagonal widescreen monitors in a 3 x 4 matrix, the monster measures almost 80 in. / 200 cm wide by […]

From: The New York Times and — A dissident Russian hacker has posted files — purportedly from a Russian criminal organization — outlining an insidious fraud scheme revolving around fake anti-virus software. The ‘company’ is called Bakasoftware, apparently headquartered in Moscow, and product is called Antivirus XP or, more recently, Antivirus XP 2009. It […]

The serious flaw in the new Android cell phone operating system, revealed earlier this week, is a buffer overflow problem. That’s the same kind of flaw that used to plague Windows computers before Microsoft started its security initiative headlined by the now-familiar monthly Security Bulletins. To make the proverbial long (programmers’ explanation) story short, buffer […]

If you own a Dell, Hewlett-Packard or Toshiba laptop made between 2004 and 2006, your laptop’s battery may be involved in a massive recall announced this week. More than 100,000 laptop batteries made by Sony Corp. have been recalled by the computer makers following at least 40 incidents of battery overheating, including reports of smoke […]

We’ve known it in our hearts forever. So have car makers, cosmetics manufacturers and purveyors of Valentine’s Day gifts and greetings. But, now, there’s hard, scientific proof: Red makes the heart grow fonder. Psychologists at the University of Rochester, NY, have confirmed in a recent study that men rate women wearing red, or in photos […]

From: Ars — A controversy is brewing in Australia, where the country’s Family First party is lobbying to have hard-core sex- and drug-related Internet content included in the ‘illegal’ content which would be filtered out of Net traffic entering Australia from outside, under a new national censorship scheme now before the lawmakers. The controversy […]

An University of California (Los Angeles) neuroscientist says technology-associated activities such as Internet searching and text messaging can make your brain more adept at information handling and decision-making. Dr. Gary Small’s findings — and his associated prognostications about the future of the human brain — are laid out in his new book: iBrain: Surviving the […]

From: The Seattle Times — A new survey by virologists at the University of Virginia shows that common objects and surfaces in homes (and we assume, by association, office environments) can harbour germs deposited by one family member, friend or colleague and pass them on to others. As Marilynn Marchione reports, in The Seattle Times, […]

From: – Windows 7 — the next full version of Microsoft’s (MS) flagship operating system — was officially unveiled to software and system developers at this week’s MS Developers Conference in Los Angeles, CA. As eWeek‘s Jason Brooks reports, following an intensive hands-on session with an early ‘development’ version, Windows 7 is a big […]

A new Ipsos MediaCT survey for game review Web site IGN Entertainment suggests that the usual stereotype of the computer gaming fan may be out of sync with reality. That is, the majority of gamers aren’t ‘loners’ or ‘losers’. In fact, the study shows that people who play video games are generally more social and […]