While Apple has garnered an overwhelming share of the smart phone hype this fall with its iPhone 3G, latest figures show it managed only second place in worldwide sales after Nokia in the third quarter of this year. iPhone 3G: Last hurrah for the cell boom? Market research firm Canalys.com released a detailed ‘state of […]

Since Google walked away from its partnership with Yahoo! earlier this week over concerns about anti-trust hassles, Yahoo has been without a white knight investor to haul it out of its current financial hole. Yesterday, Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang told anyone who would listen, at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, CA, that Yahoo! […]

While the current push by major auto makers to offer hybrid power plants (on the way to their ultimate goal of gasoline-free vehicles) has earned praise from environmentalists, the flip side of that coin may be lithium battery shortages. William Tahil of Meridian International Research warns that the rush to bring hybrid and all-electric vehicles […]

From: CNet.com — Video steaming giant YouTube has closed a deal with at least one major movie studio to offer its feature-length films online and is courting other film distributors. As CNet’s Greg Sandoval reports, “To be sure, not all the studios are prepared to give YouTube full-length movies. [However,] Canadian film company Lionsgate agreed […]

Google Senior Vice President of Corporate Development David Drummond announced, in the company’s Public Policy Blog yesterday, that the on-again, off-again deal with Yahoo! which would have seen the two Internet giants cooperate on search and advertising, is definitely off: “In June we announced an advertising agreement with Yahoo! that gave Yahoo! the option of […]

U.S. communications giant AT&T has announced it will experiment with data transfer limits on its Internet access service plans. The pilot project, in Reno, Nevada, will be monitored to see if data transfer caps can curb the bad habits of so-called bandwidth hogs. AT&T says a mere 5 per cent of its access customers account […]

Engineers are working on a new generation of robots for use in hazardous environments and may discover radio communications enhancements that will help police and emergency responders work more safely. One lesson emergency workers quickly learned during the 9/11 attack in New York City was that their radio-controlled search robots did not work well in […]

From: CNet.com > News > Webware — Google has ported over the name verification process from its Knowl Web site to the main Google system. The process lets you go through a verification process which ultimately gives your Google Profile an extra layer of authenticity. Google Profiles are Web pages where users can publicly disclose […]

Rogers communications, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and VISA will launch the consumer phase of their mobile phone payment pilot project in mid-2009. Between now and then, limited trials involving small numbers of employees from the partner companies will be conducted to iron the wrinkles out of the phone side of the technology. The […]

In stark contrast to days gone by, when Apple had to struggle to keep up with demand for its popular iPhones, industry observers say the company is now cutting back on production of the current models in anticipation of show holiday-season sales. In fact, market analyst Craig Berger of FBR Capital Markets is quoted by […]

From: CBC.ca — Canadian cell phone service provider giant Rogers Communications Inc. is expected to drop the controversial ‘system access fee’ from its Fido discount service. As CBC.ca reports, Rogers will relaunch Fido today, with a new logo and a new service package structure. Insiders say that, under the new rate structure, the hated (C)$6.95 […]

The RSA FraudAction Research Lab reports it has uncovered a three-year campaign by cyber criminals which resulted in the theft of personal and financial information from more than half a million people worldwide. “This may be one of the most pervasive and advanced pieces of crimeware ever created by fraudsters,” the RSA blog warns. “Dating […]