Internet security company CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd. of Redwood, CA, offers some thought-provoking weekend reading for parents… Ten ways to make using the Internet safer for your family: Educate yourself about online hazards, and set clear rules for family Internet use. Websites such as Kids In The Know, or provide a range of age-appropriate […]

In which we travel three quarters of the way across the continent, to Ottawa, Canada — and move up several social and income brackets — to look at another case of identity theft that seems quite different on the surface but has many underlying elements in common with the scam, perpetrated on an Oregon farmer, […]

In which we learn that creative crooks can can steal your identity no matter how careful you are with your paid bills, cancelled cheques, user IDs and PINs… It can happen to you You may have caught wind of a bizarre incident, in which a farmer from Oregon was targeted by crooks who made dozens […]

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is warning of another Internet identity theft scam targeting Canadian taxpayers. It’s actually a new round of scam e-mails on an old theme, first reported by the CRA last summer. E-mail messages claiming to be from the CRA are being sent to Canadians, saying that the recipients have a refund […]

While the Bush regime has been cool to the concept of Net neutrality, advocating increased government control over the Internet, it appears that the Obama administration will embrace freedom of access. The Obama transition team last week named two well-known Net neutrality advocates to direct its Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Review team. They are: Former […]

It’s a ‘compact’ in all senses: Small in size, flip-phone format and decorated like a fancy makeup compact. Of course, the mini monochrome LCD status screen on the outside of the top shell kind of blows the ‘Cover Girl’ cover story… But it’s a handy feature usually found only on more expensive phones — which the […]

YouTube, the iconic user-video-sharing site, is softening its stand on advertising. YouTube once rejected the idea of obtrusive advertising — pre-rolls, big picture-window animations; anything that would diminish the visitor experience — and also promised to pioneer new forms of advertising more amenable to its format than existing models. Now, YouTube has announced it is […]

From: CNet .com — Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang is stepping down as CEO of The company, which pioneered Internet search, has been in financial turmoil for months. As’s Stephen Shankland reports, “After reporting a 64 percent drop in net income and warning that the advertising market is softening, Yahoo announced a layoff of […]

…And it’s time to start making our year-end gift giving and entertaining plans! To that end, today, we offer the first of a series of Holiday Gift Guide new product snapshots. In keeping with our overall ‘tech lifestyle’ theme, we’ll provide online shopping sources for all of the items we spotlight under the Gift Guide […]

This kitschy gewgaw gets TLP’s nod as the most-out-there digital accessory we’ve seen this holiday season… The Bacon Case, from Germany, is a soft, fuzzy pouch, just perfect for your mobile phone or MP3 player. But it looks just like a slice of bacon, even from as close as a couple of feet away. A […]

From: Yahoo! Tech Guide — The standalone VHS VCR is quietly fading from the consumer electronics scene. Combination DVD/VCRs are still available from the usual big-box and department store outlets, but major makers are preparing to phase-out tape once and for all. As Yahoo!’s Ben Patterson reports, “…JVC, the last major manufacturer that was still […]

As the rest of the world struggles with economic uncertainty, China seems immune to the pressures affecting most stock markets and the global banking system. Microsoft’s (MS’s) Chairman of China R&D announced yesterday that the company will spend (US)$1 billion on research and development in China over the next three years. “This spending is mainly […]