Regular readers of the TECHLife Post will almost certainly have noted the increasing frequency, in recent months, of stories focusing on Internet censorship and a growing tendency by governments everywhere to consider filtering and other means of censorship to protect their citizens — specifically, minor children — from real and perceived threats posed by the […]

You may be eligible for a compensation payment under a recent settlement by Apple in a massive class action suit over iPod Nanos that scratched badly under normal use. The iPod family, Nano far right. The settlement, reached last October, is still awaiting court approval, which is expected to some this April. However, lawyers for […]

Have you ever suspected that your uber-tech friends and loved ones were speaking a whole different language? You were right. It’s called Binary and it’s the universal machine-level language of programming and network operations. Now, you can amaze your tech friends (and confound innocent bystanders) by addressing them in their native tongue, thanks to the […]

Wealth may mean power in some spheres, but it can’t protect you from identify theft. Take the recent case of Mexican telecommunications billionaire Carlos Slim Helu, who temporarily lost his persponal domain name ‘’ to a cybersquatter who tried to hold it for ransom. A shadowy Net denizen identified in domain registrartion records as Ahmad […]

Many of our readers will have seen the viral video that circulated wide last ear which supposedly caught, on a surveillance camera, a lone office worker slaving late in his cubicle going off the deep end in a fit of tech rage. While experts contend that the video was probably apocryphal, anyone who works with […]

From: — The first Apple computer to carry the ‘Macintosh’ nameplate rolled off the assembly line 25 years ago this week… The Mac has seen may changes since then, some revolutionary, others merely evolutionary. And Apple, today, is about a lot more than computers. In fact, industry observers agree that its the iPod and […]

Reuters news agency reports that the Chinese government has extended its recent Web crackdown on “pornography and vulgarity” which resulted in the closing of 19 major Web sites and more than 1,200 smaller ones, is expanding to the cell phone system. “We will incorporate ‘lewd’ messages spread via mobile phones into the crackdown,” the official […]

U.S. credit card payment clearance house Heartland Payment systems reported today that its data banks were hacked sometime in the past year by cyber crooks who may have gained access to millions of credit card numbers. The breach reportedly affects transactions within calendar year 2008, within the U.S. but foreign visitors who used their VISA […]

The parliament of the Chinese province of Jiangsu has approved a law making it illegal for people in the city of Xuzhou to publish ‘private information’ on the Internet, the China Daily newspaper reports. It seems that the Communist Party powers that be in eastern China, as elsewhere in the country, have been paying closer […]

Internet security leader McAfee Inc. has released its 2009 Threat Predictions Report and the prognostications, on the whole, are pessimistic. “Computer users face a dangerous one-two punch today,” said Jeff Green, senior vice president of McAfee Avert Labs, McAfee’s research group. “The current economic crisis is delivering a blow to our financial well-being, while malware […]

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) has launched a national program to facilitate the responsible recycling of cell phone handsets by Canadian users. The official news release describes the Recycle My Cell program as, “…a new Web-based initiative designed to make it even easier for Canadians to recycle their old cell phones.” The goal of […]

Circuit City will close its remaining 567 stores laying off some 30,000 employees following the failure of talks to sell the core business of financially ailing consumer electronics retailer. Last one out, turn off the lights… Circuit City closed 155 stores last November after reporting that it was (US)$2 billion debt and needed to restructure. […]