The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers by Derrick Story focuses on those aspects of CS4 most important to the photographer. The result is a concise 190-page book that you really could carry around in your laptop bag. It covers important topics such as importing images, rating and keywording images, basic and advanced RAW image techniques, […]

Another round of credit card number exposures and my wife’s bank proactively changing her card number due to an  ‘ongoing investigation’ reminded me that I haven’t written about credit card issues for a while. But please don’t click away — this isn’t going to be another ‘how you can protect yourself’ article. Security can be […]

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Daybreak Duo sunrise simulator that now helps me start my day on a brighter note. Over the last few weeks I’ve also been testing another another product from Philips Home Health Care, the goLITE BLU. My previous article goes into the science behind […]

A recent count case in Minnesota poses an interesting question. In summary, a man accused of impaired driving says he should be able to review the source code of the breathalyzer used to gather the evidence against him. On the surface, the man’s request seems reasonable. As I understand it, the primary evidence against him […]

I hate carrying paper and I’d much prefer to scan and email documents rather than fax them. So, when I heard about Plustek’s new OpticSlim M12 Plus scanner, I was pumped. I own a flatbed scanner but placing one page at a time is such a pain that I often end up faxing documents to […]

Adobe Photoshop has long been the defacto standard for professional photographers and serious amateurs alike. Adobe recently released Photoshop CS4, and it includes some great new features. For most users, the best way to make image adjustments in Photoshop is to use layers so that the adjustments are non-destructive. Photoshop CS4 makes that process faster […]

Businesses, transit users and those of us who drive to work all suffered during Ottawa’s transit strike.  However, we can learn valuable lessons about business continuity planning that are equally applicable to an influenza pandemic, severe storm or even a terrorist attack. There is a segment of our population who simply must get to work: […]

Before I discovered Lightroom I opened every image in Photoshop, closed the ones I didn’t like, and adjusted the ones I did. I got pretty good at it and I had macros to do things like create jpegs for use on the Web. Lightroom changed all that and introduced me to a much faster and […]

What would you think if you searched the Internet after the Canadian federal budget is presented tomorrow and every article you could find about it was positive? How would you feel if you attempted to visit the blog of an outspoken critic and the site was suddenly gone? More than 2000 years ago the ancient […]

High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) techniques can be used to create spectacular photos.  However it can also be complicated and frustrating for the newcomer to the field. Practical HDRI by Jack Howard is a wonderful guide to the world of HDRI.  The 168 page soft-cover book beings with a discussion of equipment, ranging from what […]

A few weeks about I wrote about the winter blues and seasonal affective disorder, along with some new products from Philips Home Healthcare Solutions (formerly Apollo Health). One of the products they were kind enough to send me to try out is the Daybreak Duo, an clock radio that features a sunrise and sunset simulator. […]

The Messaging and Mobile Media division of VeriSign is estimating  a record 1.4 billion mobile messages will be sent on Inauguration Day. But President Barack Obama probably won’t be sending or receiving any of them. At least, not on Inauguration Day. Obama and his Blackberry on the campaign trail. There has been an onslaught of […]