Twitter took blogging to microblogging.  Now sites like and are introducing us to the concept of microvideo. The New York Times ran a great introductory article yesterday. What do you think? Will Microvideo become the new medium of choice, augment Twitter, or just fade away?

Last year I wrote about LoJack for Laptops, software that periodically checks in with a central server to help locate your laptop if it is stolen. One of the LoJack features that caught my attention is that, when installed on compatible computers, a bios agent is activated.  The bios agent is supposed to reinstall LoJack if the […]

TLP staff have all abandoned their homes and offices in celebration of the last summer long weekend of 2009. Have a good one!

The events Monday night in Toronto have the media and net buzzing.  (If you haven’t read about it yet, this Toronto Star article will get you started). While facts, opinions, observations, and premature conclusions dribble out in response to seemingly insatiable public curiosity, there is a question few are asking: What would you do? Incidents like this are […]

By now most of us know that when we delete a file from our computer it isn’t really gone – the space is merely marked as being available for reuse. Unlike in the physical world, where we can easily shred or burn documents we wish to dispose of (and put the others out in the […]

McAfee recently released a comprehensive report on the array of threats facing banks and their customers.  It includes topics such as card skimming, money laundering, the Nigerian 419 fraud, auctions, and online banking.  The report also provides a good overview of current countermeasures. Highly recommended reading! The full report is available for download here.

This weekend you can follow TLP contributor Sarah Stanley live on her 100 mile race — and you don’t even have to leave your favourite chair — although we encourage you to follow her example and get at least some exercise! Sarah will be running the Lean Hours Ultra in Hot Springs, South Dakota on Saturday August 22 […]

As a security professional, I spend a lot of my time contemplating how to manage security risk in the corporate and government space.  But there is another challenge that greatly interests me:  Protecting the average user. Unless you have an IT guy or gal in the family, it can be hard to get the right […]

I’ve been reading up on new products lately and there are certainly some interesting ones out there. But what’s also interesting is that many vendors still include the great security lie in their product literature.  Sometimes it’s up front, sometimes it’s buried, but it’s easy to spot because it contains a phrase like, “absolutely secure”, […]

With our first birthday on the horizon, writers and editors of the TECHLife Post are contemplating where we should steer TLP as we enter our second year.  And we’d like to hear from you, our readers. Please drop us a line — — and let us know what you like, what you don’t like, […]

The Internet has been around so long that domain registrations have become a commodity.  The competition is fierce, and margins are small. Registrars compete for your business not only on price, but also on added features like bundled hosting and DNS service. And among the sales tactics is the offer of free domain registrations. The […]

Starfy’s been a hero in Japan for years and recently made his North American debut. In this game for the Nintendo DS series, players must guide Starfy though a variety of environments to the end of each stage by swimming, jumping, bouncing and defeating comical ‘enemies’. In addition to the numerous stages, it also includes […]