iolo technologies announced today that it has been awarded a new patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its ActiveCare® technology. ActiveCare, a unique system and method for proactively monitoring computer performance and automatically repairing and optimizing system configurations during idle periods, is one of the many industry-first innovations for the company recognized as the technological leader in computer performance and reliability.

The newly patented ActiveCare technology works transparently when a computer is idle and intelligently tunes the machine for peak performance without slowing it down, consuming vital foreground resources, or interrupting users with indiscriminately scheduled tasks or messages. A significant leap forward in proactive technology, ActiveCare uses a sophisticated method to sense when the computer is on but not being used and performs a battery of background system analyses that can then trigger specific associated optimization, maintenance or repair actions in real time to target and preemptively correct even slight degradations in performance or stability. If the computer user initiates any other tasks during that time, ActiveCare silently terminates any active processes and full control is returned to the user. By only running when a computer is idle and only running the optimizations and repairs that are specifically needed in real-time, ActiveCare solves the problem of ineffective and obtrusive schedule-based maintenance, which by design fails to proactively resolve problems as they occur, while representing the ongoing hassle of foreground workflow interruptions.

“The ActiveCare approach has truly revolutionized PC maintenance for the millions of people who rely on iolo to keep their computers running like new. This new patent once again affirms iolo’s commitment to technological innovation and leadership in performance software,” said Noah T. Rowles, iolo technologies’ founder and CEO and co-inventor of the patent.

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