This week has been interesting, to say the least. Between countless deadlines, traveling, training, projects, some disappointing news, some exciting news and life in general, the last 7 days have given me my money’s worth — if there was such a thing. And a laugh or three.

Which brings me to my thought for this week: Laugh in freaking everything, including life.

I have many meanings for the word life. This is todays. How many times do we (surely I am not the only one) have something happen and we panic, freak out, forget to breathe, wonder what’s going to happen, or feel overwhelmed.  Perhaps I am the only one that forgets to breathe, but you get the point.
When things come at us a trillion miles a minute, it is easy to lose focus of what is really important. I know for me it is. It is at those times, I need to remember to laugh in freaking everything. Nothing is going to be solved by panicing.
If I can laugh, smile, and plan action steps toward solving the “crisis”, I will be so much better off.  It may be hard to laugh sometimes. But if you and I can both remember that laughter really is the best medicine, I think that your life (and the world) will be a much happier place.

Key word for your day? Laugh. It does YOUR body good:)

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