While spending time on the trails this weekend, I was thinking about birthdays. Now, if you know me at all, you know I love birthdays. A lot. Why do I love birthdays so much? I’m glad you asked!

Birthdays mean a few things to me. They’re a start of a new chapter. A time to reflect on the last 365 days. A reason to celebrate life.  And of course cake and ice cream (yes, I do eat them).  While most of us celebrate birthdays (or other mile stones) with food, alcohol and other things, I would like to offer another way to celebrate.

Why not celebrate with positive life things? For example, I will be running my 100 mile race on my birthday. While this may be a little on the extreme side (see, I do admit it) you can do something similar. Do something that celebrates, encourages and prolongs life. It may be a 5k or some time enjoying the outdoors with family. Maybe go to the children’s hospital and cheer a few kids up. Or make a healthy meal.

No matter what you what you do, the point is to do something positive for your life and others. Just like I did this weekend celebrating America’s birthday by being on the trails, I encourage you to do some healthy celebrating!

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