Recently, in the USA, we celebrated Independence Day. On July 4th many of us remember the people who have given their life for our country or made some sort of sacrifice for us. And that’s the word I want to focus on, sacrifice.

What does the word sacrifice mean to us? We don’t have to be in the service to sacrifice something. Personally speaking, I think that the majority of us think that the “s” word is reserved for those in the service. How sad. Each of us should live our life with other people in mind. What do I sacrifice for someone else? What can I do to impact somebody life for the better?

Yeah, it might be inconvenient. Or out of our way. Or whatever excuse we come up with. However, let’s think back to the people that are in service. They deal with heat, cold, bombs, death, wounds, and life changing events. But they still do it. It makes my sweat fests look easy compared to what they go through on daily basis. The next time I complain about a bad run or a getting in the pool to swim laps, I will just shut up.

Thought: What can you do for someone else? It doesn’t have to be big. It could be a smile, a hello, hold the door open, or a note. The point being that you took the time to stop for a second and bless someone else. We may not be in the “service” but we should be in the service of thinking about others.

So, no matter the celebration, lets thank those who have/are served and make an effort to be a blessing to someone.

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