I was thinking in the pool for this edition. While trying not to drown. And avoiding 911 from being called.

I have been training my butt off. Seriously, between running and cycling I have been getting in around 200 miles per week plus other cross training. I started thinking about throwing in an ironman, and I was told I was trained for it already. So I’m going for a full ironman in late fall.

Let me give you a little background. While a young teen, I had a few friends drown in the nearby river. It was traumatic, scary, frighting and life changing. I never looked at the water the same way again.

That event left me with a huge fear of water. I always wanted to overcome my fear of water and become a triathlete. In order to do that, I kind of needed to know how to at least float. So by January 2006 I had saved up to hire a swim coach. I went from learning how to float, to 5 feet of water, to jumping into 18 feet, to swimming laps and doing my first sprint triathlon in 8 weeks. While doing a tri was great. I was more thrilled that I overcame one of the my biggest fears.

It was a fear that ruled my life. A fear that was not justified. A fear that didn’t have to be a fear. What did I do to conquer that fear? First, I was determined. Second, I was dedicated to overcoming it. Third, I had a goal. Fourth, I believed in myself. These were my keys to success. What are you fearing?

You may not fear water like me, but whatever it is, you can use the four steps I did. They are practical and useful. You have to believe. You have to be dedicated to overcoming whatever “it” is. We all have fears. I have fears right now. But when I stop and start applying what I did a few years ago, it makes me calm again and I believe that I will overcome it. Fear is natural. Its what you do with it that can either make you stronger or make you weak. Be strong. Overcome. Fight fear!

So, in case you are wondering what happened during my swim workout from last week, I didn’t drown. 911 didn’t need to be called. I will have more swim days. Bring it on. I am ready. I may feel like a drowned whale, but fear is not going to stop me. Don’t let it stop you.

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  1. Desiree SCales
    Jul 23, 2009

    Just go for it! We have an Ironman who has done about 10 of these across the street. The training is crazy, but he loves it. You can do it. “Fear does not have any special power unless you empower it by submitting to it.” -Les Brown

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