An answer

Today, my thoughts were prompted by one of my favorite songs. Human, by The Killers. In case you’re not familiar with the song, the lyrics include, “Are we human or are we dancers, my sign is vital, my hands are cold and I am on my knees looking for the answer.”

Thinking of this song on my run this morning, I got to thinking how often do I/we look, and I mean look, for the answer.

Am I just merely thinking about the answer?

Or am I down on my knees, asking for the answer?

Am I searching for the answer?

Am I giving it all I have to get the answer?

No mater what answer you are looking for, there is one. It may just take some time, some long days, some months, maybe even years to find. But that is what makes getting that answer so very sweet when we receive it. I encourage you to keep on looking for your answer, it’s out there!  As another lyric states, “Close your eyes, clear your heart.” It may not be what you think it should be, but be ready for your answer.

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