Did I catch your attention? This week I’m writing a few thoughts about a 4 letter word and it’s not the word you might think it is. The 4 letter word is called LIFE.

The word “life” brings up so many different thoughts, feelings, definitions, hopes, dreams and even fears. The fact of the matter is this: What are you doing with YOUR life? Are you living for the weekend? For summer or winter vacation? For retirement? Are you living for someone else? Are you limiting yourself to short term goals?

There are times in my life that I need to stop and ask, “Why am I doing this? Is it for me or will it bless someone else?” The choices we make affect everyone around us.

Recently, as I was preparing to go to yoga class, I received an unscheduled phone call. I really wanted (and needed) to do yoga. But, as I was pondering the implications of not taking the call, I knew it was not an option.

As I spoke with the caller I knew why I took the call. They needed me at that time. It wasn’t about me. It was about this person’s life. As we talked, I was happy that I choose the phone call. Happy that my friends are what life is all about. My challenge for you: What will you do for a life?

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