I’m tired of hearing American commentators rail against “Canadian style health care” as if our system is more flawed than theirs.

The U.S. Health care system works if you’re a healthy 30-something with a good job and employer paid health care. It also works if you’re the CEO iof a Fortune 500 company, and it also works if you’ve managed to fit into some other very specialized categories.

The problem is that the biggest lobbyist against health care reform in the USA are the people who run the major health care insurance companies. They are the ones who are fighting the move toward affordable health care in the USA. There are some estimates that it costs the average doctor’s office some 84 thousand dollars per year just to handle insurance form paperwork!

Just today I was reading of the story of a man in Florida who was hit by a drunk driver. His leg had to be amputated. His bill so far, to be patched up from that accident is nearly $800,000. Under the highly vaunted US health care system, he’s the one who has to pay it.

The USA could use a big dose of Canadian style health care.

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