Nobody with any business sense would invest in General Motors.  The company has displayed an inability to compete in today’s world market. They can’t make cars people want, don’t understand the concept of quality and have the business sense of a first grader.  In fact, strike that – a first grader would probably figure out that making crappy cars that cost too much money is a bad idea.

Unfortunately the Canadian and US governments have even less business sense.  They’re pouring about $60 billion into a company with no prospect of long-term survival. They’re blowing an incomprehensible amount of taxpayer money to simply delay GM’s demise.

Canada is contributing about $9.5 billion, with their Prime Minister pointing out that GM employs 9000 Canadians.  That’s more than a million dollars per job Mr. Prime Minister.

How about investing that money into a company like Nortel with a proven track record of innovation?  Or how about giving it back to the taxpayers and letting them choose where to invest it.  But, of course, politicians know that taxpayers aren’t stupid enough to invest in GM.  That kind of idiocy must be reserved for just for governments.

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