On my trail run this weekend I started out on one of my usual favorite trail routes. However, we had some heavy storms this week and mud was not the biggest issue. Rather standing water, new rivers, random trees and some heavy brush made for very tough running. I think I may have invented a brand new sport called Post Storm Trail Running. The trail became so impossible to navigate, and not wanting to spend the entire day crossing rivers, the trail made me turn back and finish the rest of my run on another path. 


As I was turning around and heading back to more manageable terrain, I was thinking how sometimes in life we need to turn around. Sometimes we don’t want too. We just want to keep on pushing on and on and on. But as much as we try to keep on going the path gets harder and harder. And we get a little slower either each step. Ever feel like that? Sometimes in our ‘plan’ it helps to go back. Go back and restart. We may not always feel like retracing our steps, starting over again, but if we take the time to turn back early on, it may just save us undo heartache, unnecessary falls, and frustrating detours. 


So here’s a thought. Where are you in YOUR plan? Need to turn around and make a fresh start? Then DO IT NOW!

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