We all know that we should eat better. But how does one really do that? With our busy schedules, traveling, kids, just life, finding the time to make healthy things to eat is the last thing on our mind. How can you make easy changes in order to have a healthier diet?

Here are four steps to make “healthy” a part of your life:

1. Change your mindset. By changing the way you think about eating, you will set yourself up for success. Tell your self you can do this. Choose to be happy. Be your own cheerleader. You are your biggest fan. By reinforcing that you can eat healthy, half the battle is already won.

2. Be prepared. Always have a plan. Things happen. Kids games run late. Your boss adds more work to your plate (no pun intended). Take a few minutes at the start of each week and go through each day. Plan snacks and meals. Have cut up fruit or veggies on hand. Have healthy snacks in your pantry.

3. Eat smart, not fast. With our fast pace life, it is very easy to stop by the drive through, or buy instant meals. By following up with step 2, this will make eating smart easy. You are already set up to eat smart. When buying food, READ the labels. Avoid high fructose corn syrup, any food dye’s and saturated fat (yes, even in the organic/health stores). This simple step will make a HUGE impact on your healthy life!

4. Watch your environment. Where do you usually hang out? Where do you go eat? By driving a little farther or going to different shopping centers, you can have control over what you eat. Who are your friends? If they don’t have a healthy life, chances are that you don’t either. By having friends that have the same healthy mindset goals as you, you will set yourself up for success right away.

By practicing these 4 steps you will be on your way to a happy, healthy & fit life!

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