How does technology impact our life when it comes to fitness? For some, it can hinder their life. For example, sitting behind the computer for hours on end, playing video games or interacting only on phones! While all of these gadgets are great (I will be the first to admit that my Blackberry is everywhere I go), they can interfere with our fitness, our health and our happiness. How do we make technology a positive part of our every day life? Here are 3 easy ways to start!

1) Online support friends/groups 

There is nothing better than knowing other people are watching what you are doing. Make a commitment to tell someone online like Twitter or Facebook your workout plan for the day or week ahead. Then when you feel like you can’t make it to the gym or get your workout in, you know that you have people who are watching to see your results. It makes it hard to back down then!

2) Track fitness goals/workouts

Besides paper & pencil, use online tools like to track your progress. It is free and a great way to keep all your workouts, reps, races, etc in one place!

3) Find races and area events 

Use or to find area races. Make sure you sign up for races a few months ahead of time so you have a goal to go after!

By implementing one of the above ideas, you can have a positive tech FIT life 🙂

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